Skoreit Adds Really Useful New Items

Skoreit Penny AuctionDo you sometimes get tired of seeing the same old products from one penny auction site to the next? After awhile they all look the same and it’s just not fun to bid on the same item again and again.

In case you are in the market to bid on something different you just might want to check out Skoreit‘s new items.

Some items that you actually really need (TurboTax, carbon monoxide detectors, solar cellphone battery chargers, and fire extinguishers).

What else is new on Skoreit?

A lot of small household appliances and other useful tools:

Steam mops, meat slicers, pots & pans, air purifiers, tabletop rotisseries, meat slicers, coffee makers, Sodastream to make your own soda, toasters, crockpots (you know, for when you get caught up bidding and realize you didn’t make dinner), portable electric burners (great for camping), Waterpik flossers, Clarisonic (my favorite facial tool), massage tables, air purifiers, electronic toothbrushes, solar cellphone chargers, hair dryers and more.

Jewelry & fashion accessories:

Sunglasses (Timberland, Oakley, and others), Watches (Invicta), necklaces and other jewelry.

Fragrances: Mainly cologne.

Health supplements: GNC, Emergen-C, Centrum Silver, probiotics.

Even Advil is in their new product lineup.

Perhaps Skoreit should offer a Tax Day bundle: Think TurboTax, Advil, and a massage table.

Thanks for adding fun new products, SkoreIt! 

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