Integrating Buy it Now?

  • SumoMe, the penny auction site for designer (and one questionable Gucci?) handbags, wallets and accessories is undergoing changes.

We were just informed, thank you goodluck2u that they currently have removed their penny auctions and are selling their items via a traditional storefront.

It does however look like they may still bring a penny auction model back, it sounds like they may be adding buy it now:

“Site Changes

Packageforme is undergoing site changes and will be fully back online in the coming days. Thanks for your patience and support as we complete our updates.
Please Note: Bids will be able to be redeemed at face value towards the purchase of any product.
We’re currently integrating this into our system. Your patience is appreciated.”

We just sent PackageforMe an e-mail regarding their Gucci that from the photo they used did not look real and to see whether or not they’re indeed adding penny auctions with buy it now.

Have you bid on Let us know about your experiences. Click here to discuss this article in our forum.


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