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turtle coming out of its shell - YourPennyWins responds

Many bidders have been waiting months for their wins from penny auction site, some have told us that the site has been silent when inquiring on statuses.

Well, in case you bid there and have been waiting for an answer, today YourPennyWins sent out the an update to subscribers which stated that members can request to settle with the site and receive PayPal cash or e-cards in lieu of wins.

Read the e-mail from YPW: 

“Good afternoon, Thank you all for working with us on the settlements for your won auctions. So far we have received 83 requests for settlement.

I am working on consolidating all the requests and some I have already begun working with you all on. Throughout the next 4 days I will be working on all of these with you.
From tomorrow 10/15 until next Friday 10/21 we ask anyone who has not yet done so,and wants to, please send an email to support- at – with the subject line “SETTLE YPW” as a request to settle your won items for Amazon E-Cards or PayPal Cash. We will work on these in the same fashion as the ones received this week.
We have had a few ask, but not very many, if they can settle their past wins for more bids. The answer is yes, if you want to settle past wins for more bids then please include this request in your SETTLE YPW email. Each bid will cost $0.70 in trade with your won item you wish to settle for. If you won a $100 Amazon E-Card and you wish to settle for bids then you would receive 143 bids in return.
Not all customers have agreed to receive Newsletters so many will not receive this notification. I would appreciate if you can all help spread the word on today’s Newsletter.
Thank you again.”
Thanks to our forum member neverwalks for spreading the word!
Penny auction owners need to remember that there are guidelines for shipping times as outlined by the FTC.
Have you bid on YourPennyWins or any other penny auction site? Come over to our penny auction forum and discuss your experiences with online pay-to-bid auctions.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Photo Credits: CC SRR luzezita LOOO /mluz diazMari Luz Díaz 

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