Are’s Designer Handbag Items Authentic? is a North Carolina based, Pennsylvania state registered corporation, and BBB accredited (A-) penny auction site that offers,

“Exclusive brands, new and authentic designer labeled handbags and accessories.”

Tonight one Penny Auction Watch member, 824addiction, told us that she was skeptical of an auction on PackageforMe for a “Gucci Abbey Tote” bag.

She posted:

“Im on the fence on that site as well. They listed a Gucci bag one day that had plastic wrap on the handles…You know..kinda like you get from the street vendors…

Im not up on Gucci, so I cant say it wasn’t real…maybe they put the plastic wrap on the handles themselves?…why, I wouldnt know?…but,

I couldn’t bring myself to bid on there after that….

I did win a watch there…but come to think of it…I havent received it yet…hmmmm..Better get on that. 

I couldn’t bring myself to bid on it. It just didnt look right…Maybe I lost out on a deal as it sold for a good price? But, I can’t say I regret letting that one go……”

Being a proud owner of a beautiful Gucci bag I, too, personally didn’t like the way the item on the penny auction site looked.

Neither of the Gucci bags that I own, which I have won on penny auctions, arrived with plastic wrap around the handles. Both came in Gucci gift boxes with dust bags, Gucci ribbon, Gucci fabric swatch and authenticity cards.

Take a look at PackageforMe’s ended Gucci Abbey listing:

Note how their URL states it’s a Gucci “leather” tote, the bag pictured really doesn’t appear to be one with the famous Guccisima leather material: Penny auction Gucci - are the bags authentic?

Larger image of the Gucci Abbey:

gucci abbey is it real or fake

Read these tips from the How to Spot a Fake Gucci Bag article on

“Check out the quality. If it’s new and already falling apart or isn’t the highest quality of fabric (Gucci bags should be made of leather or another high quality fabric) then it is probably a fake.

Does it come with the extras?A real Gucci bag coming from an authorized retailer and would come with a dust bag, a Gucci box, etc. If it’s wrapped in plastic, chances are you are buying a fake.”

In my opinion, the hardware, handles wrapped in plastic and indented fabric leave much to be desired.

Can you really buy a $895 Gucci handbag for under $100? I’ve been able to, on penny auctions, but what about on members call iOffer, “the land of fakes and knockoffs, a breeding ground for fake everything”

Im sure by now many of you have seen the website It is a breeding ground for fake everything. It totally makes me sick when I go there and see all the fake garbage on there that is “mirror image” of my designer bags that I work hard to pay for. I hate seeing fakes. They devalue every item they imitate. My husband hates to see me carry my LV carryall 60 just because he says he sees them being sold out of a trunk of a car every other day. (He’s a sheriff’s deputy by the way). LV is beautiful and has been degraded by all this garbage. Is there anyway to stop websites like this? They only fuel scamming and dishonesty. Coach is another popular brand.

I found what appears to be the exact same photo of PackageforMe’s plastic-wrapped ‘Gucci Abbey’ tote on ioffer for $90.

Take a look:

ioffer gucci

When I clicked on the item it appears that the Gucci is no longer available for sale on ioffer.

Here’s a closer view:ioffer gucci handbag


The images seem to be exact. The Abbey tote isn’t a new model, purse lovers were discussing it back in 2006 on PurseForum.

Selling Replica Handbags is a Federal Crime

“It’s a crime. It’s a violation of federal law, and people can go to jail for that,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Gail Hoffman said.

Buying the fake bags isn’t illegal, but selling them is. It’s called trafficking in counterfeit goods and even if you tell the buyer they’re fake, the minute you knowingly sell a knock-off bearing a passable designer label, it’s a crime.

Federal prosecutors said penalties range from $2 million in fines to 10 years in prison.”

Read more: Fake Purses Carry High Price: Selling Counterfeit Handbags a Federal Crime, ABC News 

Angie Houston of (a handbag authentication service) shared a few very valuable tips in an article today for FOX Business on how to tell whether or not a ‘designer’ handbag is real. Read the article: Six Ways to Tell if a Designer Handbag is Fake.

I really hope that PackageforMe, a BBB Accredited penny auction business is not selling fakes, and we like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. 

What do you think? We’re discussing this in this penny auction forum thread

A customer recently e-mailed to tell us that she had won a Coach handbag with promotional bids that was won with an end price of $0.07 only to find out that due to a relative, living in a different household but using her computer, registering on the site he account had been blocked and the win denied. After going back and forth with for a few months they finally unblocked her account. She tells us that the penny auction told her that in lieu of the Coach win she would be compensated with bids in addition to 25 bids that she had won and paid for. She checked her account and found that she had 62 bids, 20 and 40 then 2 bids left over, but she tells us that she didn’t get the 25 bids and argues that 60 bids isn’t equal to the $400 hand bag.

Have you received items from Tell us about your experiences. We’d love to see photos of your wins!

Remember, you can’t fake fashion!

Image source:; Screenshots:,

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