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Penny auctions are about having fun and hopefully saving money by winning great products in the process. We all know that winning isn’t always as easy as it looks, so it’s nice to see a penny auction site providing bidders with more ways to have fun!

QuiBids has further introduced a element of gamnification to their auction offerings with the QuiBids Game Center, but you can’t play games until you win.

In order to play games in QuiBids’ Game Center you first have to win what are called Gameplay auctions. However, you need to actually win these auctions. If you use the buy now option in any of the items that are marked as Gameplay items you will not be able to use your won gameplay.

gameplay auction-quibids

How QuiBids’ Gameplay Works: 

Say you won this penny auction for a Dolica dSLR travel backpack (great item BTW if you have a dSLR), you will have also won a 1X gameplay, which means you could win anything from 3-100 free bids when you play a game in QuiBids Game Center. However, you cannot even try the Game Center out until you win a gameplay auction.

1x Multiplier 2x Multiplier 4x Multiplier 5x Multiplier 10x Multiplier 15x Multiplier
Average Payout 30 bids 60 bids 120 bids 150 bids 300 bids 450 bids
Payout Range 3-100 bids 6-200 bids 9-300 bids 15-500 bids 20-1000 bids 30-1500 bids

QuiBids currently has 3 games available for bidders who have won Gameplay auctions:

Treasure Cove, Deal Wheel and Groundhog Hunting.
quibids games

Recent game winners have received anywhere from 16-69 free bids.

Note: Free Bids cannot be used towards Buy Now. 

recent winners


Have you played a game on Quibids and won free bids in the process?

Perhaps you live in Canada and QuiBids is new to you? Let us know if you have any questions about any penny auction site.

Leave a comment below and discuss QuiBids and QuiBids’ games.

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