New Penny Auction to Fund Charities Launches

charitytick penny auctions homepageNew penny auction site has just launched.
According to CharityTick‘s website “Not only are charities the home for your bids, but it’s entirely up to you to choose your preference of Charity AND personally select the prize you wish to place your bid on.”

CharityTick has posted their site launch on IndieGoGo, the crowdfunding startup website with hopes of raising $52,500, they have so far raised $282.

From the IndieGoGo listing:

“Short Summary

Were in the process of launching an auction platform that will enable charities to raise a substantial amount of money by auctioning items that were donated to them or even purchased at full price.
Here is how it works:
Unlike standard charity auctions, the goal of Charity Tick is to have organizations run their own auctions using our trendy auction platform. Bidders on such auctions purchase tokens at a price of $0.60 each. Each bid raises the price by a single penny. An item worth hundreds may end up selling for far less, but a final sale value of  $35.00 for an item such as an Ipod ($300 value) equals 3500 bids at $0.60 each meaning that the charity has raised $2,100. One person has won a cheap item and everyone else has donated anywhere from $0.60-$20.00 to the charity that has listed the item. Please see our video for a better example.

We need to raise and additional $52,500 to launch our site.

The money will be used to front $500 worth of products for the first 105 charties to be able to list items without any risk.”

There are a few informational/instructional videos on the penny auction site if you’re interested in learning more about this new penny auction.

From Zaiman Notik, CharityTick founder’s IndieGoGo profile:

“What I learned is that non-profit organizations have a very difficult time raising the needed funds to continue expanding with the needs of their dependents. I devised a plan to support these charities in their good work supporting others, and the result is CharityTick. ”

CharityTick is not the first site to launch with helping out non-profits in mind, active site AnniesBid allows users to donate a proceed of win amounts to charities of their choice, and there have been others that have since come and gone.

CharityTick’s penny auction offerings currently include an iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano with funds stated to be going to the Chabad House of Los Angeles, and gift card penny auction proceeds going to the organization “InsulinPumpers,” and a few other gift cards. Their site looks very familiar to that of the now shut-down penny auction site

Have you bid on this penny auction site? Join us in our free penny auction forum to learn more about penny auctions and post your reviews. 

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  • The point November 19, 2012, 10:35 pm

    You are comparing this site to “anniesbid” and the like, which is an entirely different animal.

    I think you missed a crucial point about this new site:

    On Charity Tick, the charities THEMSELVES create an account and list items, (like ebay.) “anniesbid” just happily tells you that they will give to charity. Not to put anniesbid down or anything, but anyone can sell and tell you they will give it to charity. Charity Tick is the charity selling the item directly to you.

    Charity Tick is revolutionary in the penny bidding world. It is the first penny bidding site that allows sellers and buyers, with the transactions happening between the buyers and sellers directly. (it’s an “ebay” for penny auctions, except that only certified charities may sell).

  • Chanan December 2, 2012, 10:52 am

    Please feel free to email me if you are a charity who would like to learn more about fundraising through Charity Tick.


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