Interview with Multi-Winner Peek Auction!

Have you bid on PennyPeek? PennyPeek is a new entertainment auction site with a twist, it’s a bit different from the traditional penny auction model where only one user wins an item, and timers count down.  On PennyPeek there are multiple winners in each auction. Learn more about PennyPeek read this interview with the guys behind PennyPeek’s unique price peek / drop concept.


Penny Auction Watch: What got you interested in the entertainment shopping industry?

PennyPeek: Myself and friends I know were frustrated with some of the aspects of traditional penny auctions and the way they are run, such as timers resetting with every bid, so the last man standing (or the one with the most money) wins the auction, sometimes after days of bidding wars that only depletes your funds and makes money for the company. So we came up with

Penny Auction Watch: How long has your site been open?

PennyPeek: We launched in October 2014, and have steadily been increasing our customer base ever since.

Penny Auction Watch: What sets you apart from other penny auction sites?

PennyPeek: Our auctions differ from other penny auction sites greatly. First, you are never bidding against other members. When you Peek at the price of an auction, the price drops, every time. The member who peeks at the price and makes it reach $0.00 wins that item for 99 cents. Second, there are no timers associated with the auctions, which means no falsified ending times and timer resets with bids. No bogus bidders: you can be assured no one is working against you – any Peeks put in by an associate of would only lower the price and set the auction closer to winning. It’s as simple as that.

Penny Auction Watch: Can you tell us about some of the items that you offer/have lined up?

PennyPeek: Our most popular categories are gift cards and electronics, such as TVs, tablets, laptops, Xbox/Playstations, etc, but we also offer items for the home, kids, outdoor, and more. We are always adding auction items, and welcome suggestions through our contact form.

Penny Auction Watch: Do your auctions run on a schedule? Our auctions do not have timers associated with them. The auction ends when the price drops to zero, which is based on member peeks.

Penny Auction Watch: How much are your bids? Shipping Costs, countries open to?

PennyPeek: Peeks are as low as 15 cents each. All Peek auctions include free shipping, unless otherwise indicated. Our auctions are currently open to the continental United States. Members may participate from other U.S. states and territories, but may incur additional shipping charges. No other countries are allowed at this time.


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