Penny Auctions Have Entered India: BidderBoy

bidderboy logoWhile there have been many developers of penny auction scripts and sites based out of India, we really haven’t seen a whole lot of sites based in India for bidders. is a new penny auction in India, the operators of the site also own an online retailer offering HDTVs to India.

The best thing about this penny auction is that they offer our favorite feature of any penny auction site: Buy it Now.

“If you don’t win an auction, you will never have to walk away empty handed from Bidderboy because you can buy the product for a discount price using the Buy Now option. You’ll never have to pay more than the Value Price (MRP) for any products on Bidderboy.”

This Indian penny auction offers 10 free bids to new bidders upon sign up.

BidderBoy has a social media presence on Facebook/Twitter @Bidderboy and offers free bids for following them,

“Ah.. you can grab 30 Free Credits Absolutely Free. We are giving 5 Free Credits to each new joining user and additional 20 free credits by joining Bidderboy’s social networking pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google and Linked in. Once you join our pages there, you need to notify us on with your user ID and email ID. we will verify your connection and add 5 free credits per joining to your bidderboy account. Also when you refer a friend to bidderboy, we gives you 10 Free credits per successful joining. See Homepage Footer area to do it now !”

Bid costs on BidderBoy: Rs. 8 to Rs.10 each.  This is equivalent to $0.13-.16 USD. bidderboy-penny-auctions-india

BidderBoy’s winners page displays a list of “top bidders” from the following locations in India :Hariyana, Kerala, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Navsari, Bangalore and others.

Recently ended items include a Philips Coffee Maker which ended for just Rs. 5.00, Samsung 40″ LED TV 157.50, JBL speakers 34.75 and an iron for Rs 2.00.

Have you tried BidderBoy? Do you bid on other penny auctions based in India, if so please post about your experiences below in our comments on the Penny Auction Watch Forum.



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