New Penny Auction Site Launching May 2:

Do you love bidding and winning items on penny auctions? Is your winning strategy all about finding a brand new penny auction site and bidding on as many items as you can before competition heats up? If so, here’s a new penny auction site that will start its first auctions in 6 days, on May 2, 2015:

DinoBid features a (fitting) dinosaur theme. their first items include bid pack auctions, AppleBee’s gift cards, Apple iPad Airs, Apple iPhone 6 auctions, Mr. Coffee Tea Makers, MacBook, NutriBullet deals, Keurig Coffee accessories, a new PlayStation 4 500GB console, a Walmart gift card, Tide laundry pods, a Vizio 4k Ultra HD TV and more.

According to the site’s founder, Emiliyana Kazanmashev, claims she became frustrated bidding on penny auction sites, losing and losing her money that she spent in bids. So she decided to launch DinoBid with this in mind and offers a sustainable buy it now option allowing users to purchase the item at the buy it now price and deduct any bids placed towards purchasing. DinoBid is based in Michigan, USA and is open to US bidders. offers two different types of penny auctions:

“Minimum Price auctions”

” Minimum Price auctions are randomly selected and are secret for the users. You cannot see which auctions have the Minimum Price set. Minimum Price option is designed to add even more fun. The auction price has to meet the minimum price in order for anyone to win the auction. Those auctions will not end until the minimum price is reached. It is set by percentage from 1% to 6% of the auction’s Buy It Now Price to guarantee the savings. If the minimum price is not reached the auction cannot end and nobody wins. In situations when the minimum price cannot be reached and the auction has to be suspended all the bids used will be credited back to the users 100%.”

And StopWatch auctions –

“What is a StopWatch auction? StopWatchTM Auctions StopWatchTM auction is a new type of auction that makes wining easier. After certain time of starting the auction ( specified in the auction- 10 min, 20min, etc.) , new bidders can’t enter the auction. The First difference between StopWatchTM auction and normal auction is that after the specified time from starting the auction has ended, no new bidders can enter the auction. This way bidders that didn’t participate in the auction from the start will not be your competition for the item you want to win. The Second difference between StopWatchTM auction and normal auction is that you will need less bids to win. You save even more money! Bid Pennies, Win Dino Big! Mega Penny Auctions – Happy Bidding!”

Right now DinoBid is offering a grand opening special, 75% off bid pack purchases.

If you decide to try this new bidding – penny auction site be sure to post your reviews in the comments below and join our forum and discuss penny auctions with us!


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  • Amy Alford May 3, 2015, 2:08 pm

    DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!! They have not sold one single item they have auctioned for, they do not tell you until after you buy bids, bid in an auction that THER IS A RESERVE PRICE AND IF THE BIDDING DOESNT REACH THEIR “RESERVE PRICE” THEY CANCEL THE AUCTION AND DO NOT RETURN YOUR BIDS UN;LESS YOU BUY IT NOW AT FULL PRICE. I watched since the opening item and not ONE, not a single item sold to a bidder, every single auction they listed was closed by dinobids and no bids were returned when they did cancel it. This is a full blown scam! They don’t tell customers about a “reserve price”, nor do they list the “reserve price” on the items listing and even if you were willing to pay the “reserve price” you can not bid over yourself so unless 2 people are bidding, you can NEVER reach the “reserve price”, it is set up to be cancelled to keep the bids. Furthermore, you can watch the auctions. If I bid then the clockruns down to 0, instead of me winning the item, the clock just resets to 15 seconds over and over again until they decide (could be as much as 2 hours) to cancel the auction for “not reaching the “reserve price” that isn’t even listed” BEWARE!!!!!

    • Amanda Lee May 15, 2015, 2:31 am

      Yikes thanks for sharing this with us Amy.


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