Happy Halloween: Celebrate with These Special Penny Auctions

Happy Halloween Penny Auction Watch“Hold on, man.  We don’t go anywhere with “scary,” “spooky,” “haunted,” or “forbidden” in the title.” ~From Scooby-Doo

For those of you who aren’t going out to a Halloween party or trick-or-treating,  here are a few penny auction sites that are offering special Halloween auctions and promotions today.

Special Halloween Penny Auctions:

GobidderGoGoBidderGo: Over the weekend GoBidderGo sent out a mailing (rare for penny auctions to do mail marketing) highlighting their high-ticket Halloween penny auctions for tonight: an LG 23″ TV, Toshiba Satellite 15.6″ laptop, 1/2 Carat diamond earrings, $500 Home Depot Gift Card, Monster Beats Headphones.

I thought it was neat of GoBidderGo to include comments by Penny Auction Watch members, too!

Dealdash halloweenDealDash: DealDash is offering Halloween Mystery items throughout the day today. The items will be brand-new to DealDash and the buy-it-now value price is listed on each item, but you won’t know what the item is until the auction has ended.

dibzees promoDibzees: Today only on Dibzees. Every bidder who is the 31st bid on any item will receive a $10 LAmazon.com gift card.




PennyPurses: The longest running designer-purse oriented penny auction site PennyPurses is offering a special Magic Pumpkin penny auction tonight. If you win you may select any purse that is listed on their site that has more than 10 hours remaining on the auction.

Halloween Promotion Penny Purses Penny Auction: Magic Pumpkin

QuiBids: QuiBids has been running a special Dress Like QuiBids contest that ends tonight (10/31), so get creative and enter if you’d like to win an iPad 2 & $200 gift card. They’re also offering special ghost mystery auctions throughout the day, they do offer hints and some items are easier than others to guess.

Dress Like QuiBids contest

Beezid: Beezid has gone all out and adorned themselves in a special Halloween themed skin complete with a spooky new logo for the festivities.

beezid-halloween-penny-auctions logo

Skoreit Promo CodeSkoreIt: Subscribers: Look for your 5 free bids promo code coupon sent to your e-mail, it expires tonight 10/31. New users can enter promo code “BIDNOW” for 10 free bids to start out on SkoreIt.

Are you doing something special to celebrate Halloween? 

NOTE: Penny Auction Watch is not compensated for offering this information as a service to you. Posting of penny auction sites does not guarantee legitimacy, that you will win, or anything else. Bid with discretion, keep a watchful eye on your spending and report back with your experiences/reviews!

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