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Website: www.Dibzees.com

Company Name: Dibzees LLC
Owner’s Name(s): Robert, Andy, Casey
Company Location: Iowa
Countries Serving: USA

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Technical Information

Site Hosted on: Dedicated server

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Payment Processor: PayPal & Linkpoint (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX)

Contact Information

Phone: 573-Dibzees (573-342-9337)

Support Email: info [at] dibzees [dot] com

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Description: Dibzees auctions gift cards, iPods, Nintendo Wiis, Playstations, GPS, Digital Cameras and other brand new electronics at an average of 90-95% off retail. Have fun and Happy Bidding!

Auction types: penny auctions

User Registration Limits: One account per household.

Win Limits: 2 per day. 5 per week (Monday-Sunday). 2 Featured auctions per month (Auctions that retail at more than $99)

Bid price: $0.60.

Special Features: We are always adding improvements and features to our site. Check our homepage or blog (http://dibzees.wordpress.com/) for updates.


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