Closed Penny Auction Custom Script for Sale

Looking for a penny auction script solution?, the once-cutest penny auction site, has been closed for a few months now, but they just told us that they’re selling their custom developed auction script, which they say cost them $42,000 to create. The details, discussion and contact information cane be found below and in our forum here:PENNY AUCTION penny panda

Penny Panda – Custom made script for sale (cost 42k to produce)

Hi there!

It’s been quite a while since I posted on these forums! Glad to see that a lots changed since then 😉

Anyway, as some of you might remember, I’ve been in the PA industry since last year. We developed our own script here in Quebec city with this agency:

You can also see it under Applications->Penny Panda

The design is really kick ass if you ask me.

That being said, the script and design of that website cost 42k to produce (we have all the detailed info of that price). It is using the latest technology and is really stable. We ran our Penny Auction with it for a bout 6 months, before we got out of the business. So we had WAY enough time to fix any issues the script could have.

You can see here our article that Amanda made for us back in 2011:…pennypanda-ca/

We are currently willing to let it go for WAY less than what we paid for it, since we have nothing to do with it anymore.

If you want more information about the script, technology used to develop it or discuss about a price, feel free to ask me and email me at

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