PAW Giveaway Friday’s Week 7: Interview & Prizes from!, perhaps the cutest penny auction site we’ve seen yet, has generously offered a bunch of awesome prizes for our Week 7 Penny Auction Watch Giveaway Friday’s Giveaway!

Here’s what’s up for grabs in this week’s Penny Auction Watch giveaway, be sure to enter & thank PennyPanda!

– A brand new iPod Touch 8GB- 2 Green iPod Shuffles

-25 pennies bid pack.

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  • To enter to be eligible to win all you have to do is post a comment in the official Week 7 Giveaway Fridays thread in our forum and post a fun fact about pandas along with your impression and/or experience with Click here to reply to the thread!

The deadline to enter for a chance to win is Thursday, July 28th, 2011 at 11:59 pm CST. Prize winners will be selected at random and announced in the forum thread next Friday before we announce the next giveaway! (Want to sponsor a prize(s)? Let us know!).

We interviewed today to find out more about this very cute and creative new penny auction site!

Penny Auction Watch: What got you interested in starting PennyPanda? We were attracted to this kind of site because of an ad that my partner had seen on television about a penny auction in Quebec City.

We found the  concept very original as we began to observe the operation of the website.  At this moment, we were both engaged in business management studies.  A business plan was to put in order to build a strong project like this one
and we worked several months, days and nights to bring together all the elements necessary for the implementation of this website. We made business partnership with a lawyer, a promoting company, a programming team of 7
members and 3 investors. The idea of the panda came from my partner (which is of course Asian!) and we then thought the idea was great on both visual and marketing point of view!

PennyAuctionWatch: We LOVE PennyPanda’s unique design!  It was designed completely from the ground up, right? Can you tell us a bit about the design process? The job our programming team can do (spektrum media) with a renowned designer who has worked great for a long time with Disney is simply amazing. Their strength is forged in their unique design, unique concept and quality of work. We needed something new and unique even for the script so that’s the main reason of why we took them. Our programming team built our script using MVC.NET technology with an object oriented Database MongoDB. We had
some issue during our first day with our timers but it now has been improved  and have response time of 30 millisecond which is 23 times faster of our first day.

PennyAuctionWatch: Can you tell us more about your win limits, bid cost and other special features? > Do you offer buy it now? What countries are you open to? At the moment there is no buy it now option, however it is an option that we plan to implant soon. The winning limits are currently limited to 2 pennies package per week, unlimited for items cheaper than 49,99$ and the item in the range of 50$ to 149,99$ are limited to 1 per day. Items between 150$ to 299,99$ are limited to one per week and those of 300$ or more can be gained only once a month. The price of our pennies are very similar to the majority
starting penny auctions, that is to say 1$ per penny and of course, the more you buy, the less it costs!

In terms of geographical coverage of our site, we aim at U.S. and Canadian market and maybe in the future we will target even further, who knows! We are working with Purolator and we cover 50% of the shipping cost for Canada
and 35% for USA. We also sometimes work with Amazon for the only reason that it is easy, fast and helps us to lower some fee when shipping items to the USA.

As for our launching, we wanted to enter the industry with a visual impact and a whole new interface. That being said, we now work hard to offer the best service we can while we slowly get more and more customers.

Finally, we are very pleased to have formed a great team, and deemed to be competent. We hope you like our penny auction so far and of course, hope to be in the industry for a long time!

Thanks PennyPanda, we look forward to watching your new penny auction site grow!

To learn more about penny auctions and get advice, tips and penny auction strategies, visit our forum!


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