Cyber Monday Penny Auction Deals

A Monday to look forward to…

If your inbox is anything like mine by now you know today is Cyber Monday, the biggest e-shopping day of the year, and a big reason why we just  don’t have to fight the crazy crowds the day after Thanksgiving.

Many of our members do most, if not all, of their Christmas/Holiday shopping on penny auctions. Today a few penny auction sites, but not too many, have joined in on the Cyber Monday fun and are offering special promotions. for instance, is offering free end price penny auctions on a number of popular items from MacBooks to gift cards. Plus, they are not only awarding winners with items won, but are paying end prices to winners via a gift card. is finishing up their Ultimate Shopping Weekend Event by offering more auctions than they ever have before in one today, a whopping 500 items. Plus, all 500 items will be shipped for free and will be white lock auctions (you can win up to 3 items of any lock category).

DibZees and Bid-Bob are offering bid pack discounts. Dibzees is offering 200 bids for $75, Bid-Bob 180 bids for $90.

PennyPurses is auctioning an iPad, and a Pick Your Purse auction tonight.

Do you have a favorite penny auction site that is offering any special deals today? Let us know about it!

Join the best penny auction forum on the net to learn more about pay per bid penny auctions.

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  • Rick November 28, 2011, 2:08 pm in particapation with Cyber Monday has 50+ Auctions up for today….
    All with No Win Limits
    All with No Per Bid Fees….

    Have a Cyber Fun Time!

  • Robert Sullivan April 14, 2012, 9:32 pm

    I spent nearly a thousand dollars on this site and only won gas cards. When I tried to win enven a motorbike I spent $700 and never got close. Are you going to refund me any of my money?


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