Bidray is Now

Established penny auction site is now . Not only does have a new name, they have also added buy-it-now to their auctions and changed their auction win limits to 2 items per calendar day, per user.


A letter from the William Wolfram, founder and CEO of DealDash, formerly known as Bidray:

“We’re a US based company, online since February 2009 (some of you might remember us being called Bidray, that´s how we started out!). We wanted to create something super fun, which would not only give you a chance to score amazing deals, but would take you to the edge of your seat time and time again – and so was born. I hope you’ll love the site just as much as we do.

We’re here to lay down the ultimate Shopping Frenzy, where you can win completely off the hook deals on everything imaginable from netbooks, TVs and MP3 players to fashion items. If our deals seem too good to be true, click here to read how the site works, and it’ll all fit together, trust me.

We’re a dozen-strong team with years of experience in online business and retail, genuinely dedicated to create a fun and personal competitive shopping experience. It won’t take you long to get to know Dave from support, our deal manager Larry and the rest of the team.

Our offices are located in the heart of Silicon Valley -Sunnyvale, CA and downtown in Helsinki, Finland (Northern Europe). A little exotic mix, yes, but it works for us 🙂 We’re a licensed retailer with a California State Resale Certificate, and our team in California works with major retailers to guarantee you the coolest selection of brand new items with the lowest prices.

I guess that’s about it for the short intro! Be sure to read our blog (opens soon), where Dave will be keeping you posted on what we’re up to. If you have any questions, just get in touch with Dave and our support team, or reach me at” allows one account per person and does not allow collusion (teamplay), DealDash limits their member’s wins to two per day.

DealDash’s values:

“100% fair deal battles – all bids are placed by real people.

No junk, pure quality – only brand new and factory sealed items with normal warranties.
Customer satisfaction – if you’re happy, we’re happy!
Fun – off the hook promotions, competitions, blogs and interaction.
Transparency – in everything that we do.
Charity – we donate our fair share”

Buy it Now:

Even if a bidder does not win an item they bid on they can apply the full value of their bids spent to buy the item, but this is only good up until 24 hours after the auction has ended.  However, because of the new platform and name change, is converting Bidray bids to “BonusCredits,” these bonus credits will not be eligible for a buy it now discount.

Bid Credits on  $1/bid.

Please feel free to join our forum and post your review of in our new penny auction reviews directory section!

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  • Vas June 25, 2011, 12:40 am

    I signed up and paid for bids but they are not showing? Help!!!


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