Where Are They Now? Five Businesses That Shifted Away from Penny Auctions

What do LabelDoll, JungleCents, LuckyChic, ToVieFor and SneakPeeq all have in common? All five were once penny auction sites launched by true entrepreneurs, and all five have transformed their business models away from penny auctions creating unique and successful businesses in the process. LabelDoll LabelDoll.com launched in 2011 as a penny auction site offering high [...]

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Jungle Cents’ 2nd Free Bid Auction Today

Seat penny auction Jungle Cents is running their 2nd free2bid auction today for an iPod Shuffle. If you have a seat don't forget that the auction is running right now, the bid-throttling has already begun and there is no final timer on this one! P.S. JungleCent's Mercedes only needs 1,789 seats purchased to begin!

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JungleCents Free Bid Auction Starting Soon

JungleCent's free bid iPod shuffle seat auction has (finally :)) received the required 75 bidders and is set to begin Nov. 1st at 3PM EST. With unlimited bids and 75 (or less) people bidding it will be interesting to see how this seat auction goes! Register and try JungleCents.

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