Is Bidlew a SCAM?

Have you tried BidLew?

This just in from a devout reader & bidder of penny auctions:

How to tell if a site uses bots:

Having bid in 100 plus auctions myself there are certain patterns that human bidders have compared to bots. To start with we are unpredictable, often ego driven, and other time just plain stupid, whereas bots have distinctive long term patterns. However numerous sites out there currently have deployed bots to bid against you to steal your money. One of these sites that allegedly use bots is

After taking a closer look at the site I noticed that most (80%) of the items up for auction were high end items (by penny auction standards) $250 -$1000 plus and most of them were being won with only a few bids (first red flag). Next they have a YouTube video of a guy over acting who won an Item and the video was posted on June 9th
(Was this a legit testimonial or just BidLew the company making an example testimonial to show people to urge others to make one? )
Why is this odd? Because this dated before any recorded wins per their auction history, and considering shipping time (they are Canada based) that auction would have had to be won early to mid may. The 1st recorded auction was July 6th (again per their own history of previous auctions). Now the real meat of my argument, being an experienced penny auction bidder there are several well known names that bid at most of the legitimate penny auction sites and these names are typically recognizable because they win auctions. Looking through Bidlew’s auction history these prominent names have not been able to win a single auction at bidlew, what is even stranger is that they lost every auction has been by one bid. Now lets go one further, if you look at every closed auction not a single auction was ever was won using their bid butler, all auctions have been won by single bidders. On legitimate auction sites most auctions end with autobidders winning, bots do not use autobidders. One good way to tell if a site is legitimate is look at the sites history and look for recognizable usernames you know for known legitimate sites and see how long they have been bidding on this site, if you see a known name that won a month ago and that same bidder is currently bidding chances are the site is legit as they have likely received product from their wins.

I was watching an auction with petrescues1 at and she was using the bid butler, I then noticed some patterns of the other bidders:

  1. All single bidders ALWAYS bid at 4-seconds (I mean every time)
  2. Not one single bidder (about 8 of them) bid twice in a row, meaning that after every petrescues1 bid butler it was always a different bidder, only one bidder at a time and there was no dominant single bidder.
  3. Not once was there two single bidders in between petrescues1 bid butler bids
  4. This auction ended with petrescues1 loosing to the next single bidder after her bid butler ran out. What is odd about that is since there were 8 other single bidders and since all bids were at the 4-second mark why did none of the other 8 single bidders bid? If you are single bidding against an automated bid it is because you are waiting for their bids to run out, all but one of the eight plus bidders disappeared after the autobidder ran out

While watching this I decided to share this with others and I recorded a portion of the auction and posted it to YouTube for others to see in an effort to shut these guys down.

So bidders beware…



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  • james hardy July 23, 2009, 10:07 pm

    I actually won a blu ray player with them, and surprisingly got it 🙂

  • BTW July 24, 2009, 12:10 pm

    Interesting, especially since the 1st Blu ray play was won on July 6th, and that one was won by boxo, then Eileenm won next one on the 9th, then there was one won on the 10th by Robyn,then on the 12th by Johnfehr, then the 14th by Genim,then there is palisades on the 18th, and all of these people have won multiple items from Bidlew, Which one of these bidders are you James? Also have you recieved all the other items you won?

    I am not buying it, like their schill video

  • bloo123456 July 24, 2009, 12:56 pm

    lol i dont buy it either.. until we win something.. you wouldnt have enough things to prove whether its a legit site or not. i mean win at least a gift card 😛

  • auctionwatcher July 24, 2009, 6:49 pm

    The video is highly suspect- it's as if he didn't know what was in the box? Come on is that how real people act?

    Eh. We're not buying it either BidLew.

  • x0xmelix0x July 31, 2009, 2:08 pm

    Bidlew is a SCAM. I bid on 5 different auctions and was outbid the the same group of people every single time. Is there any way we can shut them down?

  • Sue August 1, 2009, 11:57 am

    Anyone know how you can get a refund from Bidlew? I paid thru PayPal and they are telling me that it's not covered because nothing was actually shipped. I have invested $170 in Bidlew and am unable to actually place any single bids. Nothing happens! Obviously the Bid Butler doesn't work either because an items sold to another bidder just one penny before my Bid Butler was supposed to start. Any help anyone can offer?

  • ROBIN August 4, 2009, 9:33 pm

    You are soo correct on this being a scam site. I noticed all the things mentioned by everyone above and it all true. I sent 3 emails to them from there contact us on the site and never got an answer. So I fianlly sent one to the support email address. They responded as if the were shocked I had sent 3 emails and said they would look into the problem just like Sue (above) I ask for a refund on my bids beause I noticed all the same things as you mentioned above. I too would like to know where we can turn these people in to for fraud. They are making a killing of people and it makes me just sick.

  • debby August 17, 2009, 2:01 pm

    Good point. I was paid about 200.00 bidpacks from And I notice that every 4 seconds other single bidders keep bidding it. I emailed if their system is set up by something. I emailed many time and no reply back. I paid with credit card thru paypal and dispute the paymant. Because it looks like scam.

  • Rod August 27, 2009, 5:50 am

    I also have about $170 into them and was able to figure it out that it was scam in the first night of bidding. I sent many emails to them and also was able to call them to talk about a refund. I was told to email and someone woudl get back to me. they didnt. I left multiple voice mails with them and my phone number to call me back on. Their phone # is 347-394-7734. Bidlew is a SCAM.


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