Eco-Friendly Entertainment Shopping

On Green Fair by bidding on items you are “offsetting your carbon footprint.” Yes, that’s right-they say there are 416,807 pounds of CO2 not entering our atmosphere thanks to their members. is an extraordinary entertainment shopping platform with a slight twist. Our Shopping engine will allow you to engage in a nontraditional auction, while contributing to our environments health. Once the seed is planted and you get the hang of things, we are certain you will enjoy them.

Bids are called “Green Credits” and bid butlers “GreenBots.” Unlike most penny auctions this one requires that you buy a monthly membership in order to bid on items marked exclusive. Each green credit costs $1 unless you upgrade your monthly membership. Membership fees are anywhere from $10/month  $50/month with a 15% discount on green credits and 40 credits a month. Green Fair has three domain names for auction:, and

They offer a few different auction types: Fixed, 100% off, 10% off, penny, green (for users who have yet to win something), snap auctions (GreenBots are disabled), and green slip (like a seat auction).
On a recent PSP3000 auction Green Fair claims a 50% carbon offset was collected.

How do green credits work?

Green Credits are the type of currency that exist on our website and represent the environmental attributes of 15lbs of carbon being offset. All Green credits are exchanged for the rights to renewable energy certificates (‘RECs’) including the associated Verified Emissions Reductions (‘VERs’) and your account is then credited with equal credits to place bids on our site. Each Green Credit cost only $1.00.

What do you think about this “eco-friendly penny auction?”

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