iPennybid Requires Members to Scan IDs

It does look like iPennyBid.com bidders are required to scan in a copy of their IDs/driver’s licenses to iPennyBid, read our last post.

From iPennybid’s Terms & Conditions :

iPennyBid has the rights to verify the identity of each individual user. In the event of iPennyBid being unable to verify or authenticate user identity using reasonable endeavours, then iPennyBid may ask users to provide photo ID, proof of address and other documentation as iPennyBid requires. Should such proof not be provided, iPennyBid has the rights to suspend or permanently remove such unverified user accounts and withdraw any auctions won by such users.

iPennyBid also reserves the right to temporarily block access to a unverified user accounts that appear to be abusing the spirit of iPennyBid by purchasing large volumes of bids until identification has been verified.

And here’s a copy of an E-mail from the iPennyBid to the winning bidder:


Firstly – Apologies for the late response.

And secondly – CONGRATULATIONS on your recent win upon iPennyBid!

To confirm the win we need the following actions to be performed:-

1) Purchase the item at the final winning price.

You can do this by clicking the link below or copying it directly to your browser…

2) Supplying us with scans of your photo ID and proof of address.

This is a requirement as described within the terms and conditions stated upon the site.
Certain items of high value require this verification as a fraud prevention measure.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
These scans can be emailed to us.

Once the above two items have been addressed we can then begin the process of free shipment.

Our suppliers are quoting a 14 day delivery on this item.

We are also running a promotion where you can share with others about your win.

Once you receive your item – Send us some pictures and comments and we will credit your account with 300 bids FREE!

Look forward to hearing from you.


IPennyBid Customer Service”

iPennyBid is the first penny auction that I’ve seen to request this sensitive information.

What are your thoughts?


Penny Auction Watch

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  • PAG September 16, 2009, 6:54 am

    You should NEVER scan your id and send it to ANYONE. I would flag this site and send a complaint to the IC3 (internet crime complaint center – part of the FBI). here is their online complaint form: https://complaint.ic3.gov/ctf.aspx

  • bloo123456 September 16, 2009, 8:27 am

    They make it seems like its a general process followed by a lot if other websites. But it is actually a kind of fraud, and a crime. But according to me, what they are trying to do is that keep the users info, and try to contact them if the user decides to trick the site and file a claim thru paypal for hundreds of dollars of bids. i would say its a caution thing to do because the users that usually file a claim, change their address and other information so that the site owner cant bug them to clean out the claim. But after hearing about ipennybid trying to sue PAW… they dont seem to be more concerned about their security.


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