Tons of Items on Biduh

biduh penny auction
Here’s a new penny auction that we found today:
There are currently 15 active items and TONS of bidders,  however their traffic stats don’t seem to match up. Estimated Worth $459.9
Daily Pageview 209
Daily Ads Revenue $0.63

Alexa Traffic Rank 5,253,944

From’s Terms of Service: If a Member for any reason disputes any charge from PayPal or Biduh, the Member will be deemed in breach of this contract and will be subject to fines of $500 per hour that the amount is disputed with PayPal and the complaint is live up to a maximum of $5000.00.  The $500 per hour starts the minute the dispute is filed and continues until the breach is fixed.  The amount of the fine becomes due immediately and will be turned over to a collection agency if not paid within 5 days.

COMPANY., LLC, an Illinois Corporation d/b/a “Biduh” biduh llc

Discuss Biduh the forum.

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  • bloo123456 October 14, 2009, 9:15 pm

    lol i just saw that site todau!!!!

  • Kerry October 16, 2009, 12:00 pm

    Hello everyone. I have been watching the discussions about penny actions for a while, and I believe that most of them are scam. I have been working with computer quite a bit and I do have to say here for you guys to pay attention on some important details. About, if you go to the bottom right of their home page you will see a symbol of security (Security Encryption SSL STARFIELD –… ), that simple symbol is one of the most secured tools a website can provide to their customers; if you Google it you will have, you easily can find out about it and, usually, you find that seal on well known websites because it’s an expensive tool and related to the government, that way people will not have access to our bank account, passwords, things that could cause lots of problems. Anyway, I’m not here to protect anybody, but before start talking about companies that are there legally working and having people copying their layouts, I suggest to find out a little bit about things that we usually not pay attention to and are important to know when join a website, especially when there is money involved.

    I took a look at some other websites, and, be careful when join them; always try to get in touch with their customer services somehow to do not have your money stolen.

    By the way, some information like page viewers is optional, and the quality of this website in discussion here, I’m sorry, but that is a high top company behind it. Probably that will be our American website to confront the European (already with its version in our country).

    One other thing I realized, still has an US patent pendent.

    I can’t stop looking at all those errors those websites have. This other one is a copy with lots of contents missing, and whoever has bought anything from them is wasting money. If you guys want to feel safe, look out for the details that are what counts the most on all of those scams. To make a website’s copy is the easiest thing a web master can do, but credibility is built based on those actions too.

    Sorry if I’ve offended anybody here, I’m just trying to post information that are important to know whichever website you browse on.

    Good luck everyone.



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