For10Cents’ Shill Review-Advertising Discontinued

Update: We have spoken with For10Cents and they told us that have fired the marketing person they at was responsible for the shilled review. They also have an A- rating and are an accredited BBB business. -9/11/2010

Lastnight we received advertising money for a banner ad to be placed on the top of our homepage for, but I just did a check-which should have been done last night (sorry guys) and we have now discontinued their advertising with us and refunded their money.

The IP address of CHITOWNGIRL, a poster in the forum that has left positive feedback for For10Cents awhile back  has the same IP that was recorded from an E-mail from their marketing manager.

As you know, Penny Auction Watch does not take dishonest practices lightly. We’re here to protect the consumer, but when some penny auctions, unfortunately is another one,  lie and make up fake reviews to fool Penny Auction Watch readers we WILL  warn you.

Here’s the proof: For10Cents’ marketing manager sent an e-mail to us, this was her IP address:

Geo Information
IP Address
Location     US US, United States
City     -, – –
Organization     HON INDUSTRIES
ISP     SBC Internet Services
AS Number     AS7132
Latitude     38°00’00” North
Longitude     97°00’00” West
Distance     9208.78 km (5722.07 miles)

See the screenshot of the E-mail for proof:
for10cents bad

Notice how they say is a reputable website?

Well is that why they posted their fake review to the For10Cents thread, which we might add was filled with skepticism save for one other poster saying they are legit. Then user CHITOWNGIRL registers and writes one post about for10cents, her only post:for10cents liars

And coincidentally? ChitownGirl has almost the same IP address and is on the SAME ISP as For10Cents’ marketing manager:

IP Address
Location     US US, United States
City     -, – –
Organization     HON INDUSTRIES
ISP     SBC Internet Services
AS Number     AS7132
Latitude     38°00’00” North
Longitude     97°00’00” West
Distance     9208.78 km (5722.07 miles), due to violation of our rules and dishonesty, is now not  allowed to advertise & their money has just been refunded.

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  1. JG

    This has really shocked me. It really amazes me how so many illegitimate sites are out there spoiling it for the legit ones! I’m a PR Representative for a new bid site launched on Thursday 12th, in the UK, and after reading PAW for a couple of months now, I have to say I’m appalled with the volume of people setting up fraudulent sites. Moreover, bidders are not completely innocent either; some sign up under several bid-names to unfairly win auction prizes.

    It takes real people with real values to run an auction site fairly. It’s hard work and real dedication. I have personally written this comment as PAW have branded a number of fraudulent sites out there and I am concerned that real bidding sites aren’t getting their fair share of kudos.

    It would be good to know there are some positives in this world of mistrust and dishonesty.


  2. Diana

    I totally believe for10cents is a scam. I have won 2 items and never received either one and forget communication – it does not exist!!! Steer clear of this site!

  3. Amy

    I was totally scammed by this site. I was bidding on an auction and all of a sudden, 5 more hours were added to it when it was supposed to be over! So basically, I was competing against two other people and it was looking like I had a great chance to win and then all of a sudden the whole thing started over and a whole bunch of people jumped in on the auction! Also, I had an autobid set up and when the auction "re-started" (they never really end by the way), none of my autobids were used at all so basically, I spent money to bid and the site was not bidding for me at all! I contacted them for a refund, which of course they denied, I am currently trying to obtain a refund through paypal and I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau. This company takes all your money and gives you nothing in return. The site is not run properly, not even according to their own statements on their site of how it should be run. Whatever you do, do NOT listen to any positive comments left about them, they are all planted by people who work for them, just do a little research and you'll find the same thing I have. If they do not issue my refund, I plan to call my local news station. If anyone else is having similar issues, I hope to hear from you.

  4. Amy

    For all readers, you should check out what the BBB has to say about them…

  5. EIS

    Let's be real about this … a BBB rating doesn't mean squat. Being accredited by the BBB means you paid a $425 fee and that you agree to resolve any and all issues filed against your company. At the end of the day, it looks good, it means nothing.

  6. Tom

    They are scam artists. The same bidders(their own)win all the high end auctions. The only thing a real bidder will win is free bids, 25 or 50 dollar gift card. That will entice you to buy a large bid package which you will lose cause bow you can no longer bid on the beginner auctions. How can this site be legit? Not one product did they make money on. 1500 dollar laptop selling for 35.00 is up to 400 dollars in bids, so they lost 1100. Common sense they win their own auctions. I decided to try it myself when they offered 100 free bids. They allowed me to win a 50 dollar gift card, which I never received, I then bidder on a large bid package, I won! Well, not until their page refreshed and had a different winner. I contacted them and said my bid took the timer to 15 sec, it went to all zeros, and then ended. Tv page refreshed with a different winner, their reply was “you lost”. Stay away from this site, total scammers

  7. i have won several auctions over the last month and a half with i have invested some good money but i have also won a good bit. up to date i have won (1) $25 giftcard, (1) ipod touch 32gb, (1) microcruz color ereader, (1) tiger woods ps3 2012 golf w/ps3 move bundle, (1) sony in dash reciever w/ built in iphone, bluetooth,dvd,cd,etc., and (1) xbox 360 gears of war 3 bundle pack 320gb. only problem is i have yet to receive an item. i figured they were legit considering how many auctions have been completed. contacted customer service and they informed me that there shipping usually take 6-8 weeks. that is ridiculous. all they are doing is keeping the bidders money for 2 months then purchasing items from amazon to have shipped. there shipping department said they are backed up but there is no way considering they only sell a max of ten items daily. there are auction sites with 1000 items a day like that ship out within a week so i don’t wont to hear about that. they are using our money for as long as they can. they only do ten auctions or less a day to pretty much guarantee their big bidders win win an item a day. that leaves maybe 1 to 2 items for others. i will keep u posted on if i receive any of my items. until then i am going to finish off my bids i have and quit using their site asap!! thanks joey (toomanybid)

    1. Amanda

      Hi Joey,
      How long has it been since you paid for the items you’re waiting for? Can you tell us more about your experiences on dealfun? Thank you

  8. Everybody, you need to file a dispute in your PayPal account.
    Log into your paypal account and follow the instructions to dispute the charges from
    Click on “Resolution Center”
    Use the reason “product or service not delivered”
    If enough of us do this, Pay Pal will get very tired of seeing disputes and they will shut down their paypal account so that they can no longer take people’s money. Also, PayPal might refund your money you paid for bids, and the money you spent on items you supposedly won, but will never ever receive.
    Complaining on here is a good, but complaining on here will not get you your money back. You need to file a complaint with PayPal (and your credit card company if you used a credit card, or if your PayPal account uses your credit card)
    If we all don’t stand up to these low life crooks, then they will just keep doing it. Don’t sit around waiting and hoping that they are gonna send you your items. THEY WILL NOT SEND YOU WHAT YOU WON. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. So don’t waste any more time hoping. Don’t believe their emails that say “it’ll just be a couple more weeks.” Those are all ploys to extend the time so that you lose interest in fighting them, or so that to much time has gone by for you to file a refund complaint. File it today! The bids you have in your account are worthless, they mean nothing. You will never receive anything you win in and auction. Please understand this and file your complaints with PayPal and your credit card today.

    larry said, “Had no problem winning, just haven’t received anything other than a couple of bid packs I won. Still waiting on a $25 gift card and a camera I won. ”

    Larry, of course they are going to give you bidpacks that you won, because that DOESN’T COST THEM A PENNY. You could have 1, 000, 000 bids in your account and you still would have nothing of value. Why? Because any real tangible item that you might be lucky enough to win over their robot bidders, they are NEVER going to ship it to you. So they are more than happy to give you bidpacks and make you thinnk you are making progress and becoming a powerfull bidder. Why do you think that sometimes they have a 10, 000 bid pack up for auction? It’s because giving you 10 bids or 10, 000 bids is all the same to them. They won’t send you any tangible items you win anyway. So they put up those crazy 10, 000 bidpacks because it makes the bidders go crazy and spend hundreds of dollars in bids to try to win it.

    But in the end, they will never send you anything tangible that you win. So the bids are absolutely worthless. The bids in your account contain no value because they can only “win” something that you will never receive.

    Here is what they might do. They might, if you scare them enough with legal action, they might send you the $25 gift card. But I guarantee you it will be along with a message like “we will ship your camera in a few weeks.” They do this to lull you into thinking they are legitimate. It’s a stall tactic to let a lot of time go by so you can’t get any refunds or justice. They are never going to send you your camera. :(

    Also, everyone needs to call the phone number and complain to the construction company that is housing this criminal activity named They rent space from Neri Companies. Check for yourself it is the same exact address that has. Call and complain about Put the pressure on the people that are letting them run their scam operation in their building.

  9. I won several items on for10cents and have not received a single item. I contacted my credit card co and they credited my money back. A couple of months back I had spoken to the CEO (Wilhelm) on two different occasions. He had told me new financial partners had joined the company and he would have the funds to send me at least 2 to 3 items within a week. I said to him why are you calling me just send the items. Never happened . I also said to him what do the internal issues-finances have to do with me. Why was this not disclosed on the site? How does a company still have there site operating online with the same major complaints on several different web sites since late 2009? It’s all a scam. I’m done with penny auctions with the experience I’ve had. Wilhelm kiss my……..

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