Concerns Surrounding New Penny Auction AnnieUp

Have you tried the new penny auction site

annie up ended

AnnieUp auctions items such as Bowflex Home Gyms (Valued at $1299), HDTV’s and pool tables. However, many users have posted in the forum telling us that they have won items with a very small amount of bids, but have not heard from AnnieUp. Users are concerned that they AnnieUp may be running their auctions to collect shipping fees and not ship any items out.

The corporate information that Annie Up has posted shows that Annie Up is an active LLC in the state of Georgia.

Business Name History

Last Annual Registration Filed: Last Annual Registration Filed Date:
Name Name Type
ANNIE UP LLC Current Name

Limited Liability Company – Domestic – Information
Control No.: 09009244
Status: Active/Compliance
Entity Creation Date: 2/6/2009
Jurisdiction: GA
Principal Office Address: 207 Webster Lake Dr.
Temple GA 30179

Registered Agent
Agent Name: Johnson, Isaac
Office Address: 207 Webster Lake Dr.
Temple GA 30179
Agent County: Carroll

Here are what PAW users are saying in the forum about AnnieUp:

“Hey all..Regarding annie up..I did buy bids, won and paid for a bow-flex. This was on the 8th of Dec. I’ve written them several e-mails asking for shipping info, and nothing. In the past week I believe I’ve sent them 4 messages and as of yet they have not answered one. It’s only been a week since the won auction but I just opened a dispute with paypal..I know it may be a bit premature..but to not even respond at all is really unacceptable.”

“You all will not receive any response nor your goods from this company, save your money and time. It’s evident that it’s just a scam from the simple fact of the items listed. Even a complete dillweeded nitwit starting a penny auction would not list an item over $1200.00 in their first days or if they don’t have a nice amount of bidders to bid on it. Hell these clowns have listed 4 items (which look to repeat themselves all the time) and the total value for just those 4 items is damn near $6,000.00.”

“I bought a few bids, just to see what things look like , but I will not send money until I learn more. It does look like they have their hands in quite a few business ventures not sure thats a good thing. You also can not pull up the address on any of the maps like google or mapquest, you can however get some info just buy putting the addy in the search bar.I also can tell you the free bids can NOT be used unless you buy bids so with that being said…………..

Okay every one, I have been on the phone with the lady over town dev. in Temple.I knew by being originally from Ga. this was a small town. She is not happy what so ever even said she will not have someone use her town to scam people out of money. She knew the business name but said they do NOT have a business license. She wants every one who has spent money and/or lost it to contact her and send proof, she gave me her email so that you can do so I will send it to Paw if you all want it as I don’t think I am allowed to post it here. She is going to make it her point to get eveyone’s money back. Se will more than likely take this a step futher from the tone of her voice on the phone. She wants copies of anything we have from owner’s names to proof of money spent.”

Was watching this site this morning between 4:30 and 5:00 am CT and saw that the timers get to zero and reset to 30 seconds if no bids are placed just waiting to catch someone that does not know better. I have also noticed that the short winners list does not show all so there is no telling how many have lost money with these people. I have emailed Temple City halls contacts to PAW please if you have spent and/or lost money contact this lady. I know you can get your money back from paypal but it is also important for authorities to be getting info from places like this. There has to be a stopping point and the more reports that are sent in to different City and States may make the government start to regulate these sites more.”

“Hi Everyone. I am new to this site and this is my first post. I too have won a Bow-Flex from Annie Up…I received free bids for signing up and used them to bid. I used them to bid by using the bidbot that they have on the site. To make a long story short, I won the bowflex for .04 !! If we pay through PayPal we are protected. I am curious to see how this works out. I am bidding on the TV tonight to just test this stupid site! Will keep you posted on teh outcome.”

The Community Development Director of Temple, GA is very concerned, she says that Annie Up does not have a business license and suggests for users that have come in contact with to contact her at  770-562-3369 EXT. 103 Fax 770-562-9940 or by e-mail:

Feel free to read more and join in on the discussion about in our forum.


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