RockyBid Bid Buddy System Update

As you may already know, RockyBid has been experiencing problems with their bid buddy system since re-launching with v.1.5 they requested that we post their response here, they are planning on delaying featured auctions only they can get the bid buddy system fixed.

Hey Rockybidders,

Some of you may have heard we have reversed some of our more recent auctions due to issues on our end. The latest victims were a Wii console, a Kindle and an Akribos XXIV Ladies Watch.  As per our policy when we come across an issue that causes an unfair bidding situation for some of our bidders we reverse the auction and refund the bids to anyone who was involved. Whenever possible we try to take the additional step of calling the winner in advance and letting them know. This of course is not always possible and sometimes requires communication between our IT department and others which is never advisable.

We are always monitoring the live auctions to try to maximize the websites performance, so we are usually aware when something goes wrong. Therefore it is possible that there may be more reversals as we continue to tweak the system in order to get the most out of it… like cookies.

Finally, we are continuing to work on the bid buddy system and would like to have I up soon. Because we value sleep not only for ourselves [it is very important for maintaining our complexion] but for everyone else as well, we have delayed the featured auctions in the hopes of having the bid buddies worked out before they close, lest a nail biter featured auction last for an additional 5 days.

Thank you again for your patience and continued interest in

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