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One of our forum users started a great poll to tell penny auction sites that timer resets of 1 and 2 minutes are just time consuming and boring. “I just do not get it, as much information that is here on PAW for the auction site owners regarding what the bidders want is so completely over looked, and I am mostly referring to timer resets and autobidders, Auction owners if you are reading this close pay attention.”

Here’s what our other members are saying:

“Every once in a while an auction going that long is understandable but when every auction you run goes for that long then you need to change that or I’m out. An hour of going to the last seconds is a long time for me, 6 hours plus? Forget it.”

“Completely agree with above two points. Thou I am a small time bidder still I won’t go to the site which have above two characteristics.Come on what make you think that timer at 1 minutes or 2 minute get you revenue.Also during bid buddy war making the timer cumulative instead of limiting it max to 1 minute is foolishness. I was watching some auction at bidtic and two bidbuddy with 200 of bids set the timer to 4 hours.This is ridiculous.In my opinion timer should reset to minimum as auction progress.e.g It should start with 30 sec and when 50% of the item value is obtained it should down to 20 seconds,100% of the item value in terms of bid placed make it to 15 seconds and so on.I found this pattern in quibids where tons of bids are placed but due to efficient timer reset auction ended quickly.
Apart from these I want what others think about buyitnow option. Look at swoopo ,quibids,bidblinks etc .I think this is a good option for both site owner as well as bidder.Imagine spending $200 at zoozle .rockybid loosing the auction will give zero to your pocket where as being able to use this money to buy the item at MSRP give some motivation to normal bidder.I was watching some auction at Quibids where normal bidder just jumps into any $25 to $1000 items and try their best to win.I think by having this motivation factor will do god to site owner as well as bidder.May be we should have a pool for buyitnow option as well.”

“Yes I agree with the above, I feel the timer should not go higher than a minute or less for any reason single or bid buddy bids.

I do think it looses sites money when the timer goes up to 5, 10 15 minutes or 2 hours after any bidding most will loose interest.

Rocybid I feel has the best autobid, it’s overall function is best.”

“i voted and i agree timers 15 sec and i hate when autobidders go off and you have to wait for hours on end .

sites who pause auctions and restart the next day i just laugh at

“Isn’t that the truth, I voted. Do I get a voted sticker. I WILL NOT bid on a site that has long bidbuddy wars. I always get distracted, I bet a lot of people do and the site loses money.” (Here’s your voted sticker ;)).

“I like the Zoozle systems the best. Short timer, bid buddies fire off one at a time even when the bid buddies are competing. That way, you have to watch the auction from beginning to end. ….Now there shipping speed, that another issue……..”

“once again I have to say that my favorite site is Quibids…once their timer is down below 10 seconds it only goes up to 15 or 20 seconds depending on the auction…I absolutely hate long timers. As for auto bidders..personally I don’t like them at all. I think it takes half of the fun out of the auction. Go watch, every single auction has a lot of auto bidders on it…and the crazy ppl bidding there will always start to bid when the timer gets down to a couple of seconds trying to outbid each other when it really doesn’t matter who is in the lead because they will get outbid by the autobidder. Then the auto bidder goes for so long I have NO desire to sit and watch it to wait for the autobidders to finally stop bidding. I personally wish all sites would do away with auto bidders all together…if you want to bid be there and bid.”

So far all voters prefer timer resets on penny auctions of 20 seconds or less. Please join the forum and vote in the poll! While you’re there enter our giveaway to win free bids, a Wii, iPod and PS3 game!

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  • David November 26, 2010, 10:33 pm

    I personnaly feel that all timer reset is a ripoff and should be elimnated
    altogether, think about it, there is no limit to how many times they reset so you can be there for hours, then someone that just joined and bought a bid pack can win, because you run out of bids, or you realize you don’t want to spend anymore bids or valuable time trying to win something you can buy on sale at most stores…it all just makes NO SENSE


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