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centy24 penny auction

Today one of our forum members posted about their experience with the penny auction site

“Hello, everyone! I am new to the penny auction circuit, and I’m so glad to have just joined Penny Auction Watch!

That being said, I just won 30 credits on and used them ALL on a Samsung phone. I lost, and I believe the auction is still going on with a user who seems to have unlimited bids. Is this what you call a shill bidder or an autobot on the site? It clearly seems like there’s some dishonesty going on here. Of course, I’m probably mentioning something that all of you already know! Any advice from the veterans is much appreciated!”

We’re glad to welcome this new user to PAW (and we hope that you, too, decide to register for our forum!) 30 bid credits is not always enough to win an item on any penny auction site, even if the site does not have automated bot bidders (shill bidders) bidding to raise revenue, still it can often be difficult to predict how much you can win an item for. has been around for quite a while now, we remember seeing it back when we started PAW in May of 2009.

Last July a bidder posted about Centy24 to his personal penny auction reviews blog bidder’s personal review blog,  users were also assuming they had shill bidders on a discussion board on

“ 07/21/2009
Chances Of Winning: Bad

Prices: Average
Bots/Shill Bidders: YES


I don’t think i have to say too much about centy, they use bots on most of their auctions. It used to be mainly on just auctions over $100, but lately they have been putting bots on more and more of their auctions! While i like the fact that when you win you can either choose the product or cash via paypal, its not worth it if you can’t even win! BUT if you know which users are real and which users are bots you could definitely use this to your advantage!”-Source does not display a full history of ended auctions, only the previous 30:

For a penny auction site that has been in operation for nearly a year, both WebsiteOutlook & Alexa both give a very low ranking:

150 pageviews/day per

Alexa ranks at 7,317,960., according to their Terms is under the jurisdiction of Harju County, Estonia, yet the site appears to be hosted in the USA and is only available to US bidders.

bot bidder

Perhaps it is purely speculative that employs bots, one PAW member has received items from them, however she too believes that they have the bots, but she tells us she “works around them.” If does have bots we hope that they stop using them.

As always we recommend that all penny auction users bid with caution and research, as well as observe, every penny auction site that they come across before purchasing bids.

Please feel free to tell us about your experiences with either in our comments section or our forum. (Our forum is the best place for penny auction discussion!)


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