107 Wonderful Winners!

heart loveWe’d like to congratulate the 107 winners of the Penny Auction Watch We Love Our Members Giveaway! 🙂

We have just sent an e-mail to all winners to the e-mail addresses provided upon registration to the Penny Auction Watch Forum. In order to redeem your prize you must first register to the penny auction site that you won the bids/prize from and then reply back to our e-mail with your username that you chose. Please be patient and do not e-mail the sites requesting your bids directly. Thank you!

Forum member iFunnyiLaugh entered an awesome video on YouTube to tell the world about Penny Auction Watch, check it out:

Thank you iFunnyiLaugh, this was much appreciated!

We would like to especially thank all of our generous sponsors and hope we can run many more giveaways! In the meantime we hope that you will continue to be a valued member of the PAW community 🙂

If you win with the bids you won please tell us about it in our forum!

Winners of the We Love Our Members Giveaway!


BidBanditAuctions: 2 prizes:

1.Apple iPod Nano 8gb (5th generation),

2. $50 Visa Gift Card+10 bids bidpack

iPod Winner: Silence4MeGiftcard + bids: Wachsmuth88

ABCPennyAuctions: 25 bids bidpack

-Fearless bidder









BargainsandFun: 250 bids bidpack











Bidazzled: 7 prizes of 25 bids bidpacks each

















BidPigs: 2 gift bundles, Each bundle consists of the following:

1.       15 free bids

2.       500 BidPigs reward points

3.       1 BidPigs T-shirt (size sm,med,l or xl)


BidRodeo: 2 prizes of 50 bids each -Atle27-Penny Parlor









Bid-Save: 4 prizes of 25 bid packs each














BidTrotter: 3 prizes; 100 tokens, 50 tokens, 25 tokens


-613Bid -Janyce16











BidYell: 15 prizes of 25 bids each


15 prizes: Theked, rockybiduser, SingaporeSling, AmandaJo, putty, Cherilen, chater, Mlschlu, gabyabby, suzyq, jonkny, johnnyboy0204, bigman701, sglenn, BayArea









BidZilla: 3 prizes; 150 bids each


– bidclosing-ddr4lyfe


DibZees: 25 bids bidpack -robyn92780









GoBid: 4 prizes; 50 bids each





HaloBids: 150 bids bid bundle -dpogig
GreatDesignerBags: 75 bids bid pack -cobidder









LincolnBidz: 2 prizes of 10 bidz bidpacks each











Oohilove: 3 prizes of 30 bid packs each













PennyJersey: 2 prizes of 100 bid bundles each


PennyPlex: 3 prizes of 25 bids each -Leon-bigpapa











QuiBids: 50 prizes of 50 bid vouchers each (please note: cannot by used towards buy-it-not.)


50 prizes: –pkupstk,- azdeals, -Miss Marple,- Wicked, -opa, -berrybare, -Stuff4me2win, -redcobra1999,- Smith247,  -torok, -EllaJames,- Nelly, -Duster,- Melissaaggie98,- smirk81, -Chrissy, -razorback_s00, -webdude737,- Stewartfan,- BeckyP,- ford351,- cgpoole,- burkart1188, -jadahl56, -Nancy1, -kate,- east2010, -LuckP, -the iceman, -Delta2717, -Valhad, -Willie, -gamersanonymous, -pauld,- Jennybee,- SodaMan, -roundydchik,-12purple,- gront,- hs123, -coolguy451,- sixtoes, -greendoor,- bagchica, -terbie62, -madbid700-, sunfire61,- samlert,- speedy 82. -LCNSEW
Thanks for entering & thank you if you sponsored a prize!!! 🙂 If you’d like to sponsor a prize for the next Penny Auction Watch giveaway, e-mail us!

Photo Credits: Thomas Hawk

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4 comments… add one
  • silence4me March 8, 2010, 7:31 pm

    I've been checking every day, waiting to see how this giveaway turned out, and OMG! I won the Ipod! I am so thrilled, this is wonderful! Thank you to PAW and to all the auction sites who donated the prizes. Thank you so much!

  • auctionwatcher March 8, 2010, 7:50 pm

    You're welcome! Congratulations!!! 🙂

  • pkupstk March 9, 2010, 7:17 am

    How exciting! I won something! Cant wait to start using my bids I won in hopes to make up for the $1000+ I'm out on this past 2 wks alone of discovering PAs! (Sad, I know!) BUT before I do that, gotta start my homework and bid 'smart' this time around! Wish me luck! 😉 Thanks PAW and QuiBids for my winning bids! (and all other sponsors!!) Hugs~


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