PAW Falsely Accused


Allow me to set the record straight, in an effort to stop the blatant smear campaign that has been started against me and, on a newly started penny auction forum by a previous forum member of PAW:

The user eshopper has posted the following allegations to this new penny auction forum:

“Instead of writing all that out again, this will be a condensed version.
Check out the following user names on PAW (be sure and read at least some of their posts under statistics): (probably)…ber.php?u=1126 (you thought the bid on cash threads continuing to go on and on was just an oversight?)

Now. Would anyone like to guess who all those user names belong to? Its one person. A person who is using that site to collect free bids or money from “sponsored” sites and a person who uses their forum friendships, carefully formed in the threads of her favorite sites, to manipulate the playing field in penny auctions by having at least the people from the forums not bidding against her.

Other identities were used to say things about a site, like to bring up suspicious activity on a site, using an anonymous name. wouldn’t look very good for the site admin to allow a sponsored forum on a site she had suspicions about, would it? I am sure there are many more user names being used by this person, these are just the ones I’m sure about.

Anyway, theres a lot more but thats the gist of it. Anyone who has been paying close attention probably isn’t surprised. This is the reason why there will never be a user we know promoted to moderator status on PAW. It would require her giving admin access to someone who would then be able to see how her IP matched all those other user name IPs. Just like it was her behind that weird “MODERATOR” name she made up, any moderator in the future will be either her or her “mom” or her “sister”. I use quotes because she told Shen her mother and sister helped her with the site, myself, I don’t believe anything she says so I just assume they’re ALL her.
Just thought you all should know.

I am sure there are many more user names being used by this person, these are just the ones I’m sure about.”

MESSAGE FROM PAW: Assuming things about anyone and falsely accusing is unjust.

  1. Lunasol was me when I first started the forum because at that time I was new to forums and didn’t want the administrator to be giving opinions. I no longer post under that username or any other username other than PennyAuctionWatch (the username that have also been used by moderators).
  2. Mapleleaves is my sister who occasionally played on penny auctions and was also used to help investigate a site (see #8).
  3. My mom also has a username on my site, she used to post under her old bidding name lottzadeals and now uses biddingfool.
  4. Angelducky is a real separate person unrelated to me.
  5. Bloo123456 is a real separate person, unrelated to me. (This user joined in the beginning and came from, the first penny auction site I played.)
  6. knivez112 is a real separate person, unrelated to me.
  7. Janyce16 is a real, separate person, unrelated to me. (This user joined in the beginning and came from, the first penny auction site I played.)
  8. Tanyalove was me, used to investigate a penny auction site that we thought was giving wins to only active users on the PAW forum. So this is why this undercover user was set up. The whole purpose of PAW was set up to shut down and warn about shady penny auctions and this was just one of the investigative techniques that we had used.
  9. Also, my mom may have used another username in the past when talking about a site that was never sponsored on my forum and they had refused to send her a won item or bill her in a timely manner.

NO, it would not be right for me to allow a site to have a sponsored forum on my site that I had suspicions about this is why I was trying to prove wrongdoing on their part without accusing them first (What happened to innocent before PROVEN guilty? Through research we found many users that we thought were scam users were actually real bidders so we could not find enough evidence to suggest that there was wrongdoing on the site owner, because we at PAW want to be VERY careful to not accuse people/penny auction sites until we have proof. I do not disclose my usernames, other than a site that we were trying to investigate. On one instance, many months ago, I told eshopper my username on but soon after I requested that change my username because I did not want any collusion going on nor did I want anyone to know my username there, so that I could not have an unfair advantage over any bidder. Also, I may have signed up on bidoncash and used the few free bids that all users were given, but I have never purchased free bids nor have I received any more free bids from I did not realize what all users were up to on the thread which has since been closed. I have notified of the possible collusion and have invited them to read these threads on our forum.

User Coolguy451 posted the following to this other penny auction forum:

“One of the things that seemed to really change about PAW happened when she started getting financial support from PA sites. This may be a coincidence but I personally feel that this change impacted the sites ability to be honest about sites (or at least she took a much more cautious approach) because she felt the need to protect these sites who are now her main source of income for the site. Unfortunately, I never saw a post discussing this new relationship she formed with PA sites. Obviously she needed to increase revenue as more people used the site but by allowing PA sites direct support of PAW some might feel they are gaining an unfair advantage with regards to PAW and the investigations she was/is doing.”

If ANYONE has PROOF of ANY penny auction sites that are either advertising, other than google ads, which I have no control over, and sponsored forums on, are shill bidding or doing anything else less than honest, let me know IMMEDIATELY and I WILL REMOVE their forum, all advertising, refund their money and ensure that their site is posted to the redflags section. I have integrity and cannot and will not be bought off by fraudsters. So please, send me your proof.

If the purpose of this new penny auction forum is to make up lies about PAW and blindly accuse me, how can we trust anything that they say about penny auction sites?

There will be a thread in our forum where this issue will be addressed further and users can post their comments.

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  • Shenanigans April 23, 2010, 7:51 am


    I know I am banned from the forum, but most of what eshopper posted is true. You even admit it, but qualify it as an "investigative technique" . You also used these accounts to do just what you banned dzignr_tastz for doing, which was asking a question and letting the users pile on the suspicion band wagon.

    eshopper WAS told that several of those user accounts were not yours. Both on this forum you are talking about, and in private. I have edited her post to reflect what you posted here.

    Carry on.

    • auctionwatcher April 23, 2010, 8:02 am

      That is not the reason for why dzignr_tastz has been banned, he, as well as you, have broken the PAW forum rules countless times.

  • Big Red April 23, 2010, 8:04 am

    Contacting your lawyer?

    Oh, please do. It's about time all the money you've harvested from your 'advertising' of penny auction sites was put to use.

    And at the same time we can find out who you really are!

  • Shenanigans April 23, 2010, 8:10 am

    Amanda, you avoided everything else I posted.

    I have screen shots of every rule I could have broken. I also have screen shots of a user on PAW who has broken 3x as many rules, and I know has been reported at least 20 times.

    The post in your blog may have a few mistakes by eshopper, but you verified that a lot of the users she posted are you or family.

    You said you never told anyone any of your bidding names, or about these screen names. Is that a lie, because I have an email where you verify these names as being you plus another one eshopper doesn't know about, AND a conversation where you tell me who you are on Dime-Divas (and your user name was not changed then).

    There is no smear campaign, eshopper just felt, as she posted, that a "watchdog" should not be afraid to post the truth, no matter who it is against.

  • Matthew April 23, 2010, 9:39 am

    You do a good service to the community and it's right of you to correct these accusations.

    You probably should have a disclosures section or perhaps a tag in the forum for those who are connected to you closely and/or related to you. Normally that seems excessive, but when you're the "watchdog" for others, they will naturally hold you to an extremely high standard as well.

    As for lawyers…that was a silly comment. You've accused many sites of worse (rightfully I assume) and it seems at the very least their concerns were rooted partly in truth. They have a right to investigate you just as you do to them. There's no need for empty threats, just stick to the truth and it will set you free.

    Keep doing what you've been doing.

  • Bloo123456 April 23, 2010, 10:11 am

    Wow, I haven't been on PAW for a while now, this is insane!! And for the record, I do not know her personally but I have talked to her over aim. Other than that we don't even know each other!

    And is big red' Nick? If so u just dropped like all ur credibility of having the right to talk anything about a penny auction site or any other site.

    Call urself professional?

  • Coolguy451 April 23, 2010, 2:16 pm

    Hey bloo, I would bet anything that big red isn't Nick. I don't know if you noticed, but Shenanigan's originally posted a comment here but it was removed (and now it is back). This sure has been an interesting day.

    PAW, it would be great if you are going to ban people from your forums for you to have the courtesy to provide a reason. I know I deserve one and so do the others.