Swoopo Gets Naked

The first entertainment shopping site of its kind,  Swoopo has offered over 200,000 auctions since 2005. In observing the current entertainment shopping landscape and surveying bidders,  they’ve found the following concerns that users have with penny auctions generally and Swoopo in particular:

  • Auctions took too long
  • Questions of shill bidding, were real people winning auctions?
  • Some didn’t even understand what they were getting into. (Which is why it’s important that all users observe and read everything on a site before they jump in and purchase bids.)
  • Swoopo – Myths & Facts

As a result, Swoopo has sped up their auctions significantly and embarked on an initiative to make Swoopo much more, as they say, transparent. With “Swoopo Naked,” Swoopo has revamped their help section, added photos of employees from all of their offices and provides information about their investors, August Capital and Wellington Partners.

“In short, we tried to present the facts and information about Swoopo so that consumers would have greater confidence with us, especially in light of what is happening in entertainment auctions – lots of true scams, lots of operators employing shady practices and using cheap scripts, companies coming and going every week, etc.”

Swoopo tells us there are many more changes that they expect to roll out with within the next few weeks.

From Swoopo’s new Myths & Facts page:

“Swoopo was the first company to introduce a fun and exciting model for the next generation of online auctions.  The growing number of copycat sites is validation of the gaining acceptance of this new model, but rapid growth has also created confusion in the marketplace.

At Swoopo, customer satisfaction is our top goal. Swoopo has made significant investment to achieve this, including:

  • Warehouses in Germany, Great Britain and the US to ensure that auction winners receive their items quickly and without problems. Products normally ship within three days of the auction’s completion.
  • Over 90 employees, including 14 in our customer service department to respond to your questions, usually within 1 business day.
  • A policy to never rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent

We’d like to set the record straight to create greater understanding of how Swoopo auctions work and also address some common misconceptions about our model.

Myth: Swoopo employees bid on auctions to keep them going.
Fact: Swoopo has a strict company policy prohibiting employees, and their immediate family members, from bidding on all Swoopo auctions.

Myth: Some of the users are fake; Swoopo utilizes bidding robots to keep auctions going.
Fact: Swoopo does not employ ANY bidding bots or other software of this type. We do nothing to alter the outcome of our auctions – period.

Myth: Winners at Swoopo are not real people
Fact: Swoopo has conducted over 200,000 auctions that argue to the contrary.  Every Swoopo auction is won by a registered Swoopo user. We have been in business since 2005 and are by far and away the biggest entertainment auction company with the largest track record. Click here to view some of our winners.

Myth: Swoopo makes obscene amounts of money on every auction.
Fact: We are a business and are in business to earn a profit.  Our business is one where some auctions generate high profits, but many auctions do not.

More Facts: Swoopo has had over 200,000 winners since its inception in 2005 and is backed by the leading venture capital firms:

Wellington Partners
August Capital

We are looking forward to your questions, feedback and suggestion at support@swoopo.com

Review & discuss your experiences with Swoopo in our forum and penny auction reviews directory.

(Disclaimer: Links to Swoopo are affiliate marketing links, if you wish to register with Swoopo, please in an effort to support this site sign up with our link! Thank you.)

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    so i guess i am not getting my money back. This sucks


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