Sonik Technologies Purveyor of Bot Penny Auction Script Starts Shill “Watchdog” Site

India based penny auction script provider Sonik Technologies has started a new penny auction “watchdog” site,, on it they call us a scam along with a few other penny auction information sites, numerous penny auctions and one penny auction script provider.

They claim that Penny Auction Watch is owned by a collective of penny auction sites and one penny auction script provider, we’ve told you before and we shouldn’t even have to tell you again, we don’t own any penny auction site nor does any penny auction site own Penny Auction Watch.

Ironically enough, has an article on shill bidding, yet they fail to mention that they are providing scripts for sale with the shill bidding capability on their site

How do we know that Sonik Technologies Pvt Ltd, India with sells scripts with bot bidders/shill bidders?

  1. See Sonik Technologies’ press release from 9/18/09:

“10. Robot Module

Robot Module to Bid Automatically using an advance algo. will put impression of thousands users live”

(Note: Click on all images to enlarge.)

sonik technologies bot script press release

2.    And then, see our e-mail correspondence with Sonik Technologies/ from April 2010:


“Hello! I n your new penny auction software solutions I just read a press release from April 10th, can you tell me more of what you provide in your new version, do you have an investment protector feature like fake users I can use? Thanks alot!”

Sonik Technologies/’s answer: Yes there is Robot module to prevent losses this is optional module.

AuctionWebsiteScript Sonik Technologies Bot E-mail

3.  And lastly, to check and see if they are still providing scripts with shill bidding bots, we just contacted Sonik Technologies’ via their live chat, a few minutes before 10:46am Monday(IST)/ 1:10 AM EST, read the chat conversation:

i have a question
Welcome Ki! Your request has been directed to the Customer Service department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.
Call accepted by operator Support. Currently in room: Support, Ki.
Hi looking at your penny auction software offerings
do you have a robot module?
Yes we have robot module
Can you tell me more?
Robot module bid against members bid
untill the price reach to minimum traget price
to preven looses
Is there an extra price for this?
No extra price
Oh it comes standard, how much is your software total for the penny auction script?
which version you are looking for?
The latest penny auction version u sell
Penny Auction version 4 : 1499$
Ajax auction version 1 : 2499$
Ok and all come with the robot module?
And it’s very easy to turn on?
Ok that’s all I wanted to know, you should be ashamed of yourself.
why dear
Because dear this is shill bidding and it’s not ethical
get lost
Support has left the conversation. Currently in room: Ki.
Click the following  to see screenshots of the chat conversation:

Now, how do we know that SonikTechnologies Pvt Ltd/ is behind this new “watchdog” site?

First, we took a look at their source code.

They have Google ads, so you will see their Google publisher ID: it’s pub-9628384545247977:

sonik technologies watchpennyauctionscams

We put their publisher ID into Adsspy and look what we found:, (nothing’s there) and (redirect to AWS)


Then to double check, not that Adsspy would be wrong, here’s a screenshot of’s source code, yep same Google publisher ID: sonik technologies

Also take a look at the server IP addresses for the two sites, and, both are hosted by The Planet.

auctionwebsitescript server whois

PennyAuctionWebsiteScams server whois

From’s article on shill bidding:

“Shill Bidding, intentionally playing with the reliability and money of the consumer, is purely illegal. We opposed strongly the shill bidding and want to clear any misconception having in your mind. Actually it is not still clear to the various users as what is shill bidding and how it works and they are losing their money over such scammers.”

Previously we have told our readers about Sonik Technologies and how they distribute scripts with an automated shill bidding option,  now it’s clear that they’re attempting to discredit us because we have exposed them and various penny auction sites using their software. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black here. Anyone that has e-mailed them and asked them about the bot scripts they sell, as well as read their press releases would have found this out, we did.

Check out their “proven legitimate and proven scam list:”

“Proved Legitimate and Reliable Penny Auction Websites – Have no fear to go there!!!

Reverse Whois:

IP Address:

IP Location:- Quebec – Saint-leonard – Iweb Dedicated Cl

Coincidentally? The current whois information for

Reverse Whois:

IP Address:

– Quebec – Montreal – Iweb Dedicated Cl

Check out the whois information for that we posted in our forum on 4/25:

BIDCHARGERS.COM – Whois Information
Registration Service Provided By: SONIK TECHNOLOGIES PVT.
Contact: +91.9928988554


Sonik Technologies
Nischal Soni (
5/300 Mukta Prasad Nagar
Tel. +91.9928988554

Creation Date: 30-Mar-2010
Expiration Date: 30-Mar-2011

Domain servers in listed order:

IP Address:

IP Address:

Server:– Quebec – Montreal – Iweb Dedicated Cl

Scroll to the bottom of their page: Powered by Sonik Technologies Pvt Ltd

IP Address:

IP Location: Quebec – Montreal – Iweb Dedicated Cl

Whois:, Hosted by ThePlanet.

They then go on to provide a list of sites they claim to be “Real Blacklisted Scammers,” according to this we’re included and we’re “playing with the consumers!”

“Rest websites which was included in our research, I am going to blacklisted then on behalf of our expert’s analyze and reviews. I found some sites promoting other scam sites and pertaining itself as the penny auction watchdog like as PAW (Penny Auction You can see clearly the sponsor of this website and can search the scams done by their sponsors. Here is the list of the blacklisted sites for you to escape these scammers –

“Real Blacklisted Scammers – Just promoting the scams and playing with the consumers!!!”

In one blog post they even go on to assert that BidCactus uses shill bidders to bid on their auctions yet BidCactus was just recently audited by Ernst & Young (One of the “Big Four” auditors). E&Y’s report shows that they have found no shill bidding or automated bidding on and have verified that they have real users that have received items.

Check out’s Directory:

watchpennyauctionscams directory


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ” -Martin Luther King, Jr.


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  • Hamish May 30, 2010, 9:29 pm

    I must say This is super low on part..

    I am a huge fan of PAW and read your posts offen…

    After reading all this it always amazes me the length people go to blacken other peoples/ websites reputation.

    Thank you PAW for this wealth of information about

    I have blacklisted them.


  • Neverwalks May 30, 2010, 10:07 pm

    Great article. I couldn't help but notice the locations of the whois on their proven legit and scam list as all being located in Quebec as this is where I live. Funny thing is I got scammed by a site called Blitzpenny and when I done the searches I found that this is also listed in Montreal Quebec. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this is also linked to the above.

  • auctionwatcher May 30, 2010, 10:12 pm

    Thank you both for your support. It is greatly appreciated.

    As a matter of fact Neverwalks, take a look at these two articles:


  • John May 31, 2010, 2:15 am

    I ready your post completely but all ur above contents can be easily designed by a designer just in 30 min. also on above content seems that they are well designed. I also talk to live support team and they are very expert in their domain. they given all answers of my queries.

    i am impressed the way they response.

    so can u proof that all above content is real or fake bcos its all are images which can be designed easily.


    Mr. John

  • Carmelita May 31, 2010, 6:42 am

    Penny auction watch is a fantastic site and its a real shame that there are people out there that want to ruin good honest people.. It's sad that they have nothing better to do.

  • auctionwatcher May 31, 2010, 11:27 am

    Yeah it is sad Carmelita, there are tons of people doing it too! Pretty crazy.. but that's just the way it is I guess!

    Thank you so much :).

  • Penny Auction List June 1, 2010, 1:27 pm

    The Penny Auction List has been targeted as well, but the person posting these materials has a lack of credibility to begin with. First, they will not open the site up to comments. Second, their posts lack real logic. Third, they promote several obscure websites with no clear explanations as to why those sites can be trusted.

    The Penny Auction Watch and Penny Auction List are in no way affiliated. In fact, most of the time we avoid posting on each other's websites. In this case we have an individual who is malicious and careless in their accusations.

    We appreciate the research of Penny Auction Watch as displayed in the post above.


    The Penny Auction List

  • BOOMbidz June 1, 2010, 6:05 pm

    WOW!!!! That is just terrible, you have to wonder their logic and how they thought they would get away with it. Great find!!!

  • Hamish June 1, 2010, 11:56 pm

    Hi this is Hamish Again..

    Guess what? All my comments I left on got deleted… it seems they only let comment's that are bad and shill appear on any of their posts…

  • EIS September 30, 2010, 6:05 am

    Is there a possible connection to the web sites they support being customers of their script?

    • Amanda October 1, 2010, 1:21 am

      Yes, in the article I illustrated that as well. Some were registered by them, "powered by them" as evidenced on the bottom of the site's page, etc.

  • blank December 17, 2010, 4:06 am

    yes paw, you say right, they are scammers and i was already bought a script from them and the script is not running and also its have thousands of bugs. they are the Robers team who seated in india to cheat us.
    Paw u done nice job pls cont. this

  • Anonymous February 24, 2011, 2:05 pm

    Its funny how much “john” ^^ sounds like the guys that you chat with on…smh!


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