QuiBids’ CEO Allegedly Behind Questionable Celebrity Endorsement Weight Loss Marketing Testimonial Sites

Update: QuiBids sent us an affidavit showing that the girl pictured testified to losing weight with the methods mentioned on the marketing sites, he also told us that she wanted her name to remain anonymous, when asked why there were two names / Shirley & Abby.

Penny Auction Watch forum members, along with our secret shoppers, have won & received items from QuiBids. They seem to be doing quite well with a large user base and their traffic rank in impressive.

In fact, QuiBids currently holds the highest Alexa ranking in the penny auction industry, at 9,076 and they do provide users with a favorable Buy it Now option to minimize loss, this is what we told Time Magazine and though we did not say whether or not they were legit, we do believe we said it was hard to say whether or not any site was but they do have a high traffic ranking.Whether or not they have all real bidders is not something that we are able to find out at this time.

Time printed that we saw QuiBids as a respectable penny auction site. We wrote to ask them about that when we first saw the article, Belinda told us that it was not a direct quote, just an overall impression she got. Needless to say, we find it hard to deem any penny auction site totally respectable, which is why we never launched our “Seal of Approval” program, so just that reference alone made us uneasy especially in light of a recent discovery.

Like we said, many of our forum members have had positive experiences with QuiBids. However, not all of them have, we recently sent a follow-up e-mail to a user who experienced problems with their timers and delays in receiving items a few months ago, we asked her what the status was and she told us that it is, in her opinion, that they were crooked based on the experiences she had with them. We’ll see if she will be willing to fill us in soon.

QuiBids seems to have thousands of bidders and auctions off more items per day than the majority (if not all) penny auction sites here in the US.

We feel that it’s important that penny auction sites be audited by reputable, third party auditing firms.

A few months back, QuiBids told us that they thought it was great that BidCactus was working hard to prove their legitimacy with their BBB Accreditation and they even wrote a guest article for us:  Helpful Tips for Avoiding Penny Auction Scams.

Maybe QuiBids is just really good at marketing, but what do you think of their marketing tactics?

One thing that we (and a few of our readers) have been unimpressed with are various questionable marketing tactics being used by them, for instance: a page called “Consumer Tips Digest,” QuiBids isn’t the only penny auction site that has had these advertorials, BidSauce, SwipeBids & FooPile have similar sites.

QuiBids’ Consumer Tips Digest is modelled to look like a real consumer tips newspaper, but it’s really an advertorial (and they do disclose this) but we do think that overall this can be seen as misleading.

Now, just today we received the following tip from a reader (Thanks John) which shows that QuiBids’ CEO has, in the past, set up marketing sites for Acai weight loss & colon cleanse programs

(Screenshot images Copyright abbysdietjournal.com/shirleysdietjournal.com, screenshot images copied from abbysdietjournal.com/shirleysdietjournal.com) Screenshots used for demonstrative/review purpose.)



Google Cache of QuiBids.com’s Whois info:

Take a look at some of “Shirley’s” comments: Abby’s Comments:

Also, Dr. OZ is pictured on both sites, “These are the photos I took right before I started using Rachael Ray’s and Dr.Oz’s recommendation of the Acai Berry Supplement and the Colon Cleanser.”

alleged owner of penny auction SwipeBids.com is getting sued for making it look like Dr. OZ endorsed diet products that he was promoting, doesn’t this seem similar?

Matt Beckham, due to his marketing background, knew that Just Think Media was behind SwipeBids.com and alerted us of this, but we’re unfortunately seeing somewhat similar marketing tactics being used.

This is not to suggest that QuiBids is not a legit penny auction, but we do see these marketing tactics as misleading and we’re not so sure that the FTC would approve (?).

What do you think? Discuss your experiences with QuiBids in our Penny Auction Forum!

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  • EIS September 28, 2010, 4:03 pm

    The Canadian company behind SwipeBids is suing QuiBids and its CEO, Matt Beckham for, of all things, copyright infringement, on, of all things, those very same fake news and advertorial sites.

    Pot, please meet kettle …

  • EIS October 17, 2010, 3:19 pm

    Just to be completely fair, SwipeBids/SwipeAuctions voluntarily dismissed its lawsuit against QuiBids, and had done so prior to the date of my original comment of September 28, 2010.


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