Allegedly Shill Bidding & Reviewing

We tested a few days ago with free bids and found that as soon as we had placed bids (this was when there was at least 20 minutes left on the clock) two other bidders instantaneously placed bids against us. Well now we have found that the owner or someone associated with ClassyMaven has been bidding on their own auctions and also registered to post what seems to be a shill comment on our forum.

Take a look:

First, user LilyRay1 posted about her penny auction site on the forum:

LilyRay1 also started two blogs to promote ClassyMaven (Note the author’s username):

ClassyMaven WordPress

Now, take a look at ClassyMaven’s Terms & Conditions, which states that employees are not permitted to bid on ClassyMaven’s auctions under any circumstance.

classymaven terms

Now, one Penny Auction Watch Forum member has e-mailed to tell us that he has won items on ClassyMaven and already received the first handbag, however he still found this revelation to be concerning.

Back to our forum, just yesterday a member by the name of Lilyray1 joined and posted the following comment, because we did not trust the comment and had already been investigating the site we did not approve it:

well i tried it and won and got my first purse in the mail today. I’ve also had no problems contacting them they offer online help which shows on their home page when they are online and I have emailed them at and they have answered me. I’m looking forward to receiving my next win and looking forward to winning more.”


It’s also curious that Lilyray1 posts an e-mail address to contact ClassyMaven that we have not been able to find posted on their site, the address posted is, we sent an e-mail to ClassyMaven yesterday and we got a message back saying that there is no mailbox by that name.


Lilyray1 told us that she has won items and is looking forward to winning more, well she’s right, take a look at all of the items she’s won thus far:

classymaven auction 1

Could Lilyray1 the winner not be Lilyray1  the promoter/owner? Possibly, however, we checked both the user info of Lilyray1 and the whois of the domain name and both have a connection to Glendora, CA.

It is of our opinion that ClassyMaven is shill bidding & posing as both a happy customer.

What do you think is going on here? Have you tried Let us know!

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