A Penny Auction for Late Night Bidders

nightcentsAre you a late-night bidder? If you’re up late and like to bid you might just want to try the 4-month old, US based penny auction We recently interviewed the NightCents team after recently hearing positive feedback from our members. Learn more about what they have to offer:

Penny Auction Watch: What got you interested in the online penny auction industry?

NightCents: I think the biggest mutual interest between the four co-owners of NightCents had to be the excitement and thrill that is associated with penny auctions. So when we stumbled on sites like Swoopo and BidCactus, we were pretty captivated by savings that customers were walking away with when the auctions ended. At first we didn’t really understand the concept – how is this a profitable business for the owners? But after just doing something as simple as watching their sites, we couldn’t help but get excited for them just as spectators when they would have a successful auction. So with that excitement in hand combined with our extensive backgrounds in retail, the idea for NightCents came out.

Penny Auction Watch: How long has NightCents been open?

NightCents: Our site opened in the last week of April 2010. We started with four auctions – two on Saturday and two on Sunday. We have since expanded to running auctions seven days a week.

Penny Auction Watch: What type of items do you offer, and do your auctions run on a schedule?

NightCents: Like most sites we are offering some pretty amazing deals on gift cards, electronics, high end house wares, men’s and women’s fashions, and hopefully in bigger items like vacation packages. As I said above, we have just started running auctions seven days week.

Monday through Thursday we are running three auctions, and on the weekend (Friday thru Sunday) we have at least five auctions a day.

Penny Auction Watch: What are your timer increments between bids and does this vary by auction?

NightCents: All of our timers for auctions usually start six days out. We feel that with the traffic we have on our site currently that this allows for these auctions to get exposed to our users. As for timer increases, any bid placed in the last fifteen seconds bumps the auction timer back up to fifteen seconds – plenty of time for the other users to either bid again but also plenty of time for the leading bidder to bite their nails in anticipation of maybe winning.

Penny Auction Watch: What do bids cost on NightCents?

NightCents: Our bid prices vary from $0.70 a bid to $0.60. If the user purchases the bigger bid pack, they save more. We also offer an extra 25% in bids Monday thru Thursday, so that also lowers the cost per bid in the favor of our customers.

Penny Auction Watch: What are your shipping costs and approximate delivery time?

NightCents: As of right now our shipping costs as based on dollar amount of the product on the auction block. An item that is $25 and below ships for $1.00, while $25-$50 items ship for $2.95. All items over $50 we charge $10.99. We ship USPS which boasts two to three days delivery time, but at times it can take a week for our product to get into the hands of the customer. We also provide tracking numbers through PayPal, so both parties have an idea of when to expect their latest win.

Penny Auction Watch:  What states/countries are you open to?

NightCents: Currently, NightCents operates in all fifty United States, but we currently looking into serving Canada and the UK in the near future.

Penny Auction Watch: What is your policy for bid refunds?

NightCents: In all honestly, the question has never came up from our users. So at the moment there is no such policy in place.

Penny Auction Watch: Do you enforce any limits?

NightCents: We hold our users to one user account per IP address. Our win limits are five wins (Monday through Sunday) per week, with a cap of twenty a month.

Penny Auction Watch: What’s the story behind the NightCents name?

NightCents: NightCents is a site we hope to dedicate to the late night bidder. Our ideal time frame of operation is from 5PM EST to 4AM EST – hence the name NightCents!

Discuss and review penny auction in our penny auction forum!

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  • NightCents.Com August 3, 2010, 11:24 am

    In honor of NightCents.Com making it's Penny Auction Watch debut; we will be running a special on bids specifically for the valued PAW members – $0.50/bid for any bid package purchased by any PAW member starting today (Aug 3rd, 2010) thru the end of the month (September 1st).

    How do I get my extra bids?

    Upon purchasing your bids for the first time during this promotion, email your PAW user name and your NightCents.Com account name to

    After we have verified your account on PAW, you account with be credited the additional bids each time you make a purchase while the promotion lasts.

    ie Regular Price $10.50 = 15 Bids

    PAW Exclusive $10.50 = 21 Bids

    ***This promotion cannot be combined with the 25% Bid Pack Powerplay. All bid packs purchased during the Bid Pack Powerplay will be paid out the remainder of the bids to bring them equal to the PAW exclusive price.

    Encourage your friends to join Penny Auction Watch so that they too can save when they purchase at NightCents.Com

  • Maurice August 13, 2010, 3:36 pm

    Pretty sure this site uses bot bidders. Anytime I bid on a certain item, a certain person bid three seconds later. Either the bidder was watching at three different times of the day when i bid or it was a bot.


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