Bigggle the First Progressive Penny Auction Opens Today, the first penny auction site to offer patent pending progressive auctions, launches today.

Bigggle offers a buy it now option on all items except for progressive auctions and bid packs, the buy it now is a 50% discount on bids spent.  For i.e.: Let’s say you bid $25 for a $25 gift card, 12.50 will be applied to “buy it now.”

In Bigggle’s progressive auction  as bidders place more bids, more items are added, this is gauged in stages with an indicator right below the bid button.

Let’s take a look at their first progressive auctions:

Bigggle’s Progressive Dream Closet Auction begins with bidding for a 20 bid pack, and as more bids are placed more items are added to the auction (meaning the winner wins each item that has been added).

Stage 2: $25 gift card of your choice is added

Stage 3: Tiffany & Co. Pendant

Stage 4: Ugg Boots – and Bigggle will donate a coat, hat and gloves to a child in need at stage 4 and each stage after.

Stage 5: Tiffany & Co. Somerset Ring

Stage 6:  Louis Vuitton Wallet

Stage 7: Louis Vuitton Purse

Stage 8: Dream Closet: $15,000 towards a closet from California Closets

MSRP: $17,575 (15+25+100+150+350+535+1400+15,000)

bigggle harley auction

The Harley Davidson Progressive Auction

Stage 1: 20 bids bid pack

Stage 2: $25 gift card of your choice

Stage 3: Insignia Pocket Camcorder

Stage 4: iPod Nano 8 gb

Stage 5: PlayStation 3

Stage 6: 32 GB iPad

Stage 7:  55″ LG HD LCD TV

Stage 8: 2011 Fat Boy Lo. Harley Davidson

MSRP: $19,043.93 ($15+25+79.99+149.99+299.98+499.99+1299.98+16674)

We’re not too sure how many bids will need to be placed to get to the Harley & The $15k Closet, but we think this is a really cool and innovative to penny auctions!

Bigggle also offers what is called auction swap auctions:

You may be bidding on an entirely different item from that of your opponent (meaning you can opt to swap a pocket camcorder for a Tiffany necklace, a PS3 for a Tiffany ring, etc. the choices are shown to the right of the bid button.

We recently asked Milt Murphy, President of Rainmaker Auctions, a few questions to get to know Bigggle a bit more:

Penny Auction Watch: What got you interested in starting, and creating progressive penny auctions?

BIGGGLE: We saw the concept and realized it could be bigger than it is now. We have big plans for 2011. For those plans to work, we need to establish a great (not just good) reputation in the penny auction world.  We feel that people focus on the “deal” aspect and sometimes forget that this is interactive entertainment first, winning great deals second.

Bigggle hopes that our users have a good time just by participating in the auctions and have a great time when they win.

Thus some of our new ideas…like our Patent-Pending Progressive…are designed to make auctions even more fun.
Watching an auction that is at $10 is really exciting, at $100 dollars…even more so. And wow…at $200 for a MacBook.

Now that is crazy…great for the site and still a great deal for the winner. But what if it could be better?
The great thing about Progressive is that it is a win, win for everyone. Less risk for us…and bigger prizes for our Biggglers. We can’t wait until we give away the first big prize!!!

Progressive is also the heart of our giving program…every Stage 4 and beyond…a kid gets a little warmer.

We feel Progressive is a better idea. What if you built up to a MacBook? And you not only won a new laptop, but Bigggles, a gift card, some new shoes, and a camera…along the way. And if bidding really got heated…a new car?

That being said…we will have traditional auctions as well and let people vote with their Bigggles. We are excited to see where people bid.

Penny Auction Watch: Is there a story behind the BiGGGle name? 🙂
BIGGGLE: Yes there is a story behind the name.   It was much harder than naming a baby!  Bigggle is a made-up word…try saying it without smiling…impossible!

Penny auctions are about fun.  Bigggle is a fun name.

As far as the creation…I made it up…One of the partners hated it, Two of them didn’t love it.   Mostly because (2 G’s) was gone and I said I liked three G’s better anyway because of the symmetry.  I just kept saying it every day.  It became a joke and near a fight at times…so we tabled the name discussions.

Then we were working on the timers and what to say as they went to zero….and Bigggle with 3 g’s was born…Going, GGoing, GGGone!

Bids on Bigggle cost $0.75 a piece and win limits are 3 per 7 day period, 1 user account per household.

Discuss & review Bigggle in our penny auction forum!

Disclosure: links to Bigggle are affiliate/referral links. Thank you!

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