Penny Auction with Mystery Items

pennyPrizes.comHave you bid at Penny Prizes is a family run penny auction site based in Bartlett, IL. Penny Prizes has been open for about 3 months now and has had closed 873 auctions.

Unique to are their mystery prize & VIP gift bag auctions, mystery prize auctions are auctions that have a value specified but bidders don’t know what they are bidding on and what they might win. Previous mystery prize items have included Coach handbags, a camcorder, gift cards, and a Juicy Couture bracelet.

Penny Auction Watch members have won & received items on and are so far pleased. Reviews Originally Posted to Our Forum:

“I just love this site. I haven’t had any timer issues, they ship and correspond quickly. They have a very nice variety of prizes. It may be the way I bid or the packages of bids I buy, but I can honestly say that every time I have bought bids, I have won something, whether it be big or small. Believe it or not….I must say…..I can’t complain!!!!!”

“Just wanted to tell you guys about one of the auctions wins from this site that I received today. I had won a gift basket of Bath and Bodyworks products. I won it with just a few bids. I wasn’t really expecting much so I was pretty pleased at what I actually received. There was this huge quilted bag, and inside was the product. Lots of it! This gift was actually one of the awesome VIP gift bags filled with products that all together would retail for over $100. Thanks Pennyprizes! You have the best stuff! lol”

“Thanks to all for your congrats! I really do love this site and the customer service is amazing. Yesterday was great because of the 100% bid return and they seem to do things like that quite a bit.”

“I agree… the customer service at pennyprizes is “top notch” which is always a very big bonus when using a site. If a site has great customer service then I tend to stick around and play… if a site has crappy customer service, I’m usually gone as fast as I can spend my bids there …Marie and Steve take VERY good care of their users and I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment in recommending their site to anyone.”

This weekend (January 7-9th) PennyPrizes is running a special “Everyone’s a Winner” promotion:

“All members who purchase a bid pack on January 7th, 8th or 9th will receive the following party gift;

Blue Ribbon Package 25 $16.25 $5 Amazon Gift Card
Bronze Medal Package 50 $32 $10 Amazon Gift Card
Silver Medal Package 100 $60 $15 Amazon Gift Card
Gold Medal Package 250 $145 $25 Amazon Gift Card
Championship Package 500 $285 $50 Amazon Gift Card”

Bids on range in price from $0.65 -0.57 each, new users get 10 free bids on sign up.

Discuss & review your experience with in our penny auction forum!

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  • silence4me January 9, 2011, 7:56 am

    They have a bidding requirement tied to receiving the Amazon card.

    “Offer limited to one per member per day (so a maximum of 3 gift cards per member). The minimum amount of bids required to be placed are;
    25 bid pack purchasers – 18 bids
    50 bid pack purchasers – 25 bids
    100 bid pack purchasers – 40 bids
    250 bid pack purchasers – 75 bids
    500 bid pack purchasers – 125 bids”
    This was copied from their email.


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