PollyWantaPenny.com Cusses Out Customers

cussing is not professionalWe really think that the majority of penny auction site operators need a lesson in professionalism & customer service 101 – (Not to mention a course in ethics!). Unfortunately, PollyWantaPenny.com’s management is not an exception.

“A dissatisfied customer will tell 9-15 people about it. And approximately 13% of your dissatisfied customers will tell more than 20 people about their problem.” -From the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, Washington, DC

PAW member Candy just posted the conversation she had with PollyWantaPenny.com:

“I have e-mailed you more than once, and you do NOT reply! That is why I posted here & on the PAW forum. Is there a trick to e-mailing you?? I have used the site contact form and NO response! I also know of a couple others who have e-mailed with concerns and you have ignored their emails also. So do NOT accuse me of BS… ANSWER MY E-MAIL! Funny you haven’t answered not just mine, but others as well.

Polly’s Penny Auctions January 29 at 6:16pm Report
Well then obviously we are not receiving them cause we havent gotten one email from you or anyone else, And why wouldnt we answer them? dont you think as a credible company we would answer questions and comments, we go out of our way everyday to have excellent customer service and talk to each one of our users. and this is something that we will check into, we dont ignore anyone at anytime

Laura Candy January 29 at 6:52pm
So how do those of us who are emailing and NOT receiving answers, get an email to you? I have used the e-mail you provided on your web site.

Polly’s Penny Auctions January 29 at 7:01pm Report
WThis seems to be an effective way so far doesnt it? Besides I read your postings on PAW, it seems you dont like our site so please do us a favor and go somewhere else you useless cunt

Polly’s Penny Auctions January 29 at 7:02pm Report
As a matter of fact you are not even allowed on our site and if I find out your IP address you are banned form logging onto it, I dont need people like you and I dont want people like you on my site, I have a honest friendly site and dont need people pike you there to ruin it”

PollyWantaPenny.com under the forum username PollyPenny, just a few hours ago, also called another forum member/customer a “bag of s***.”

How’s that for “excellent customer service?”

PollyWantaPenny.com’s owner’s mother has also been alleged to bid on the site, PollyPenny did tell us that she bought bids. From PollyWantaPenny.com’s terms & conditions as of 1:40 AM 1/30/11:

“Eligibility. By placing a bid on the Website, the user declares that they are legally capable of entering into binding contract. It is Polly’s Pennies policy to conduct the auctions in a fair and impartial manner. Therefore, Polly’s Pennies undertakes not to bias or otherwise interfere with the auction protocol and process in any way. To that end, employees of Polly’s Pennies and any of its affiliates are not eligible to participate in the Website auctions under any circumstances.”

Incredible, nothing amazes us in this industry.

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Photo Credits:Attribution Some rights reserved by stockicide

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  • lovemenot February 8, 2011, 1:39 am

    free speech i guess, if some owner wants to lash out on someone then do it, sure it looks bad but sometimes things have to be said right, but using the c word is harsh, cant people say something like you baboon or your a banana or simply smile and ignore


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