Did Bidding4Cars.com Really Sell $408,399+ Worth of New Cars?

Bidding4Cars is a penny auction site that purports to sell cars, but we’re having a hard time believing them.

Yesterday a bidder told us he won a car on Bidding4Cars.com, but they told him he didn’t:

“I want to let everyone know to beware of bidding4cars.com. Its a scam. They are running bots. I actually beat the bots and won a car. I emailed them and got an email back stating that other members had there bid butler set higher than my winning bid and that they are looking into it. They can’t deny that I won because I took screen shots of my account with the winning item and alot more screen shots for proof. I also kept the emails. I have been burnt before but now i’m furious! I’m going to report them to the FTC ecommerce division. 

bidding4cars.com ended cars
Now let’s take a look at the cars that Bidding4Cars.com says they’ve sold.
  • 2011 Honda Accord Coupe LXS- End price: $0.02- Starting MSRP $22,780 (Honda.com)
  • 2011 Ford F-150- $17.55 – MSRP: $22,415
  • 2011 Hyundai Sonata $87.51 – $19,195
  • 2011 Ford Mustang – $72.64 – $30,845
  • Honda Accord Coupe LXS $102.68 – $22,780
  • Nissan Altima 2.5 Sedan $50.35 – $19,910
  • Ford F-150 $28.50 – $22,415
  • Another Sonata $222.37 – $19,195
  • Chevrolet Cruze $44.76 – $16,995
  • Another Mustang $230.33 – $30,845
  • Another Accord $60.68 -$22,780
  • 2011 Camaro LS $43.77 -$22,680
  • 2011 Honda Civic DX $43.72 -$15,805
  • 2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS $43.71 -$18,999
  • 2011 Mazda 3 4dr $43.69 – $15,800
  • 2011 VW Jetta SEL $36.90 – $14,995
  • 2011 Scion TC $36.88 $2011 Ford Ranger XLT $36.86 – $18,275
  • 2011 Hyundai Sonata (again) $36.84 – $19,195
  • 2011 Nissan Altima 2.5 Sedan (Again) $33.98 – $19,195
  • 2011 Kia Soul Sport $33.98 – $13,300
  • a Grand Total of $408,399
  • Wow, those last 2 had the same end price – other items include various bid packs.
Bid Packages (the chance for the consumer to try to win – each bid raises the price by $0.01) on Bidding4Cars.com start at $17 for 20 bids through 800 bids for $600.
We went to check out the domain registrant info expecting to see the address of maybe a car dealership, but instead found an address for a rambler in Roselle, NJ.
The registrant is an Orlando Comrie, interesting enough someone with the username comrieisking joined the forum and started two threads:
I’ve been watching this site since its launch over a week ago. Once it takes off it should be very good.,
Bidding4cars.com i saw this new penny auction site for brand new cars…seems cool”

Bidding4cars.com has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 5,103,143!

It’s also apparent that the site is running on a cheap clone penny auction script. If you feel like you’ve been ripped off by a penny auction site, to file an FTC complaint go to http://ftccomplaintassistant.gov.

The State of NJ requires sellers of new cars to have a dealership license, we’re not sure these guys have one because they display no business name.

What do you think is going on here?

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  • Bigboytoy February 17, 2011, 1:19 pm

    Thank you very much. I won that car from bidding4cars.com. Should have known it was to good to be true. I would be happy to post my screen shots for the skeptics. I also reported them to the FTC.

  • dustin April 8, 2011, 12:49 am

    post the screen shot please


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