The MASSIVE Penny Auction Watch Spring Giveaway: 145+ Prizes, iPhone 4, Katy Perry Tickets, 3 iPods, Gift Cards, 13,065 Free Bids!

free penny auction bids giveaway

The snow is melting, birds are singing and the weather is getting warmer, ok, maybe you don’t see 40° as warmer, but until May here it is!

In honor of the arrival of Spring we’re running The MASSIVE Penny Auction Watch℠ Spring Giveaway!

Much like previous giveaways, we’ve been offered generous prizes including bid packs from a number of penny auction sites (and we will add more if more businesses wish to donate a prize!) So far we have 122 prizes to give away and 6,665 free bids to a number of penny auction sites!

The contest will run from today, April 1st, until May 1st.


The Prize Lineup:


This time around we’re giving away not 1, but 3 iPods! PLUS an iPhone 4 from!

We’re giving away a brand spanking new iPod Nano 8GB in Silver!

Fezaz & PennyShop each an iPod Shuffle.

Plus, there’s more!





  • 5 Prizes of 25 Bids Bid Packs Each

beezid iphone 4 giveaway win


  • 50 bids bid pack

  • 2x – 30 Bids Bid Packs
  • 20 Bids Bid Packs
  • win walmart gift card$50 Wal-Mart Gift Card


  • 5 Prizes of 30 Bids Bid Packs
  • 5x 75 Bids Bid Packs
  • 3x 100 Bids Bid Packs
  • 3x 200 Bids Bid Packs
  • 2x 330 Bids Bid Packs
  • 1x 500 Bids Bid Pack


  • 50 Prizes of 40 Bids Bid Packs Each



  • 5 Prize Bundles of 20 Bids Bid Packs Each + a Fashion Bay tank top with crystal detail, sz. S, M, L, XL
  • These tanks are great, FashionBay sent me one, they’re American Apparel :) Thanks FashionBay!


> >> > upon

  • 100 Bids Bid Pack
  • iPod Shuffle



2  Katy Perry Concert Tickets

Enter to WIN 2 tickets to see Katy Perry LIVE in concert during her North American California Dreams Tour!

  • 3 Prizes of 20 Bids Bid Packs Each

  • free bestbuy gift card$50 Best Buy Gift Card
  • 50 Bids Bid Pack
  • 20 Bids Bid Pack










  • 5 Prizes: 25 Bids Bid Packs Each
  • iPod Shuffle


  • 100 Bids Bid Pack


  • 50 Bids Bid Pack









  • 25 Prizes of 50 Bid Vouchers Each (note: cannot be used towards buy-it-now).

  • 2 Prizes of 25 Bid Bones Bid Packs
  • 1- 50 Bids Bones Bid Pack

  • 10 Prizes of $10 Bids Bid packs each









  • 50 Bids Bid Pack
  • 2 Prizes of 25 Bids Bid Packs Each


How to Enter to Win:

Prizes will be drawn for in order of value and we’ll use the randomizer from to choose the winners!

There are a number of ways to enter to get more entries, but first:

You must post in the Official MASSIVE Penny Auction Watch℠ Spring Giveaway Thread <click here> in our forum (please join if you’re not a member! (It’s free!) Post what you like about Spring & what you would like to learn about penny auctions (if you’re an expert leave a tip!


For EXTRA Entries!

(When you leave your comments on this blog post make sure you use the same username that you use on the forum)

twitter1-For 1 extra entry: Follow us on Twitter & Tweet about this contest with a link back to this post. Comment w/ a link to your Tweet! For each day you Tweet about this contest (with a link to this contest) you will receive two extra entries.  Just leave a new comment each day with the new Twitter link. You must come back here and post the Twitter link!

2-For 2 extra entries: Submit one of our articles or forum threads to Digg/Reddit/StumbleUpon! Comment on this blog post with the link to show us that you have!

3-For 5 extra entries: Subscribe to the Penny Auction Watch℠ Newsletter (top left) and then comment on this blog post to tell us that you have, must use the same e-mail address when commenting so we can confirm! If you’re already a subscriber, let us know too!

4-For 4 extra entries: Like us on Facebook

5-For 17 extra entries: Blog about this giveaway with a link back to this post. Come back and leave a comment with a link to your blog.

6-For 40 extra entries!!!!: Make a video on YouTube telling the world about, maybe talk about your experiences with penny auctions and how we have helped you, or talk about what this site and forum offers for bidders! (We’re a 100% free penny auction resource!). Please be sure to put a link to in the description. Then post the link back to the video here!



To enter, visit our forum (register if you are not already a member) and post in the  Official MASSIVE Penny Auction Watch℠ Spring Giveaway Thread <click here> (please join if you’re not a member! (It’s free!) Post what you like about Spring & what you would like to learn about penny auctions (if you’re an expert leave a tip! Click here to be eligible to win.

The Penny Auction Watch℠ MASSIVE Spring Giveaway contest begins April 1st, 2011 at 2:45 PM CST) and continues until May 1st at midnight (CST). Winners will be then be notified and announced here on shortly afterwards. We will e-mail the winners to the e-mail address they have provided upon sign-up to our forum.

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible, entries must be completed and received on or by the closing date and time of the contest. Incomplete entries will be disqualified. You must be 18 years of age or older and a registered user of the  forum community with accounts in good standing (not banned). You will only be eligible for one prize per person. Please note, most of these auction sites are only open to users in the U.S. All entries shall become the property of Penny Auction Watch℠. We will be monitoring all entries and especially checking the winners for a variety of things to ensure that everyone plays fairly! Anyone caught cheating will be permanently banned from Penny Auction Watch℠ and ineligible for their prize and any future contests.

Winners are responsible for any and all taxes incurred as a result of their winnings.

PRIZE DELIVERY: All prizes will be delivered by the sponsor, we will not be held responsible if the sponsors do not award the prize, you will have to, if not already, register to become a user on the site which you have won bids/credits for.   Then e-mail us with your username and we will pass your info along to the site and they will credit your bids and deliver your prize. You must comply with all penny auction site rules.

Please allow 4-6 weeks (approx.) to receive your prizes, please do not contact the sponsors directly without first asking us

Order of prize selection: Prizes will be drawn for by order of value beginning with the highest price iPod to the largest bid pack.

Winner Selection: The winners will be chosen at random with the use of software by

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. All prizes are non-transferable. No cash or other substitutions are allowed. Odds of winning are dependent upon the total number of contestants who enter the contest.

By entering the contest, each contestant agrees to comply with the all of the contest rules.

Thanks again to all of our great sponsors, wonderful readers and members, we love all of you!

If anyone else wishes to sponsor a prize please let us know!


Did we mention there’s a total of 6,540 free bids to be given away? No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke!


Don’t forget, join the forum & post today!

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