Giveaway Fridays Week 6: Interview, Coupon & Prizes from!

cheetahbids.comSome of you are probably wondering since we didn’t have a Giveaway Friday’s Giveaway, if we had stopped them.  Nope – just took a break last week!

We’re excited to announce this week’s giveaway! This week’s giveaway has been sponsored by the unique penny auction site,

CheetahBids has generously offered 4 prizes for this week’s giveaway:

  • A brand-new iPod Shuffle in Cheetahbids’ signature color, orange!

    ipod shuffle win

  • Plus, 3 bids packs of 25 bids each

Are you ready to win? If you’re already a forum member, awesome! Sign in now and enter, if you’re not yet a member you’re missing out!  Join our free penny auction forum Click here.

  • To enter to be eligible to win all you have to do is post a comment in the official Week 6 Giveaway Fridays thread in our forum and post a fun fact about  cheetahs!  Click here for the thread!

The deadline to enter for a chance to win is Thursday, July 21st 2011 at 11:59 pm CST. Prize winners will be selected at random and announced here next Friday before we announce the next giveaway! (Want to sponsor a prize(s)? Let us know!).

Are you wondering what makes CheetahBids unique? Read our interview with’s owner to find out!

PAW: Can you tell us what your paddle auctions all about?

CheetahBids: The paddle auctions are our best attempt at leveling the playing field in this industry. When we first started we noticed power bidders would come to the site and begin to very quickly stake their claim to auctions by marking them with their well known usernames. By introducing the paddles, no one knows which usernames are bidding, and we feel that more often than not, a power bidder will not want to take the chance that another well known heavy bidder could be participating in the auction(we have noticed that PB’s have a lot of respect for each other). There are just too many other sites for them to capitalize on. So while you don’t know who you are bidding against, and only will know the winners username after the auction is over, it is the only way we could think of keeping things as fair as possible.

PAW: We noticed you use Facebook Connect for user registration?

CheetahBids: We still let you choose a username when you log-in and link your facebook account, however, that is all the information you need to add. Facebook provides everything else we need to verify you as a bidder.

PAW: Can you tell us more about the CheetahBids’ affiliate program?

CheetahBids: Our Affiliate Program is a real opportunity for users to make money. We also have a full reporting function that is available to our users in the back office to track their affiliate progress. We hope this provides incentive to keep sharing with their friends and associates. By the way, our affiliate program pays 3 levels deep. We are pretty pumped about this new program and how some users will be able to create a nice side income just by referring users to

PAW: What got you interested in starting a penny auction site?

CheetahBids: I have a friend who started a Penny Auction site that was built as a facebook application, and I started playing on the site. I was intrigued by the business model, started doing some research, and the rest just kind of snowballed from that point.

PAW: How long has been open?

CheetahBids: Our site has officially been open since November 2010. Admittedly, we have had intermittent outages as we have had to address a myriad of issues with our script and changes that would help the business grow and provide a good user experience. We have always provided communication to members when we have had time periods of auction inactivity.

PAW: Tell us about your item lineup!

CheetahBids: Our auction items are typical merchandise that the general public is after. Gift Cards too! We run auctions in the evenings from 9-11 pm EST. We know this is late for the EST crowd, but we are able to pull more users from the Mountain and Pacific time zones with this time.

PAW: What are the timer increments (time between bid placed), and do these vary?

CheetahBids:  Typically our timers will reset to 20 seconds, although they may reset to only 12 seconds when the bid button is pushed on 1 second and below. When our timers hit zeros, we do have a check mechanism that counts another 2 seconds to see if there are any last bidders. This is akin to an auctioneer saying, Going once, Going Twice at a brick and mortar auction. Note: We don’t advise bidders to wait until the clock has hit zero to place a bid as it is very risky and there could be a number of reasons that an internet relay may not make it to our servers in time.

PAW: How much are your bids?

CheetahBids: Our bids are priced from $0.55-$.0.75.

PAW: What are your shipping costs & who do you ship to?

CheetahBids:  Shipping on Gift Cards is typically $2.95. Shipping on everything else is $4.95. If the auction item is a bid pack, then shipping is free.

Currently we ship to the USA and Canada. All gift cards shipped to Canada are denominated in Canadian Dollars. USD for USA.

PAW: What is your refund policy on unused bids?

CheetahBids:  We do not provide refunds on unused bids. There are many reasons for this, not of which the least of these is our Affiliate Program that pays commission to our users when their referrals purchase bid packs.

PAW: What are your win limits?

CheetahBids: Currently we have win limits in place of 4 per rolling week of your registration date. I know that may sound confusing, but you are time stamped on the day you register and then your rolling week is unique.

PAW: What’s the story behind the CheetahBids name?

CheetahBids: The story behind the Cheetahbids name is that we wanted to have an animal mascot associated with the company and with the Cheetah being the fastest land animal, we likened it to how fast you have to be when bidding at an auction.

Bidders, what do you think of CheetahBids?

CheetahBids has given Penny Auction Watch readers a special coupon for 10% off a bid pack purchase: It is good until July 31, 2011. Registered users will also be able to find this code on our site in the “My Account” tab, under “My Coupon”.
The code is: “2B14EF3D-DA0D-B798-F611-CFC10FAB6A8F”.

Join our forum and post your penny auction reviews and feedback in our penny auction forum!

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