New Niche Penny Auction Site Opening Soon to Offer Bar Themed Items, Grilling and Games

bidtavern will soon launch their new niche penny auction site next month.

As the name of this new penny auction site implies, BidTavern aims to offer a lot of ‘party’ items including NFL store, Dicks Sporting Goods, TicketMaster and Papa Johns gift cards, Bud Light beer taps, video games, grilling accessories and TVs.

All items will be shipped for free thru 2011.

Caleb and his friend from colleged, Brad are working together to launch this new penny auction site with a pre-launch date set for October 10th, 2011.
I asked what got them interested in starting a penny auction, and here’s what they told me:
“We have been intrigued with the idea for penny auctions for a while now. The concept I have always felt was a solid alternative to the normal ebay type auction. It is a version were the risk is a bit greater but the reward can far outweigh it. It was only a few months ago that we decided to create a site of our own because we feel that there is are a lot of ideas that are not currently being explored.
Basically we saw an opportunity to provide a site that is not only easy to navigate, but one that truly offers the best user experience in the industry. Rather than forcing the bidder to play by our rules (ie bidpack quantities, type of auctions, capable devices), we plan to offer a site that allows bidders to truly control the site.
BidTavern will also offer the first truly mobile optimized site allowing bidding from any device, from anywhere at anytime. They can be sitting at their desk on a laptop at home, or waiting for a flight in an airport bidding on their smartphone. We believe this will allow new users to be turned on to penny auctions.
We will also be introducing a service that absolutely no other penny auction site has, one that we believe could greatly grow the market and will set us apart from every competitor. However, it is still in the early stages so it will remain a secret for now.
Right now we are continuing to build the site, but in the meantime have a Launchrock template on the site which will allow us to communicate with those interested before we launch. It also offers incentives for sharing the site with your friends.
Our primary goal is to make the bidder the big winner with every auction and in doing so make BidTavern their first choice for penny auctions.”-Caleb & Brad,
BidTavern can be followed on their blog, Twitter and Facebook pages:

What do you think of niche penny auctions, in particular

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