Penny Auction Favorites


Despite the well known negatives of penny auctions, there still are good penny auction sites that care about taking care of you.

Let’s focus on the positive in penny auctions.

Have you bid on a penny auction site and have been surprised by their excellent customer service? We want to hear from you!

The following reviews were recently posted in our forum in The Penny Auction Watch Whenever Giveaway 1: National Coffee Day– five winners won coffee oriented prizes, all they had to do to enter was post their positive reviews.

Read what the bidders are saying: 


“Its hard to pick just one [favorite], but after over a year with them (and over a hundred wins) I would have to say Quibids. I have never had to worry about getting my wins, they ship quickly and there are still some good buys there (just not as many as before). Even more important I do not worry about them closing down with no warning like so many other sites have.” – tnvolfan2 

“Though it’s been a little harder to win recently, I just can’t stay away from Quibids. They have a good selection of items I’d like, 24 hr. auctions, LOTS of auctions and one of very few Buy-It-Now options that gives you 100% credit for your bids. Done right, a person is only out the shipping fee if they don’t win the auction. The shipping is amazing, my most recent gift card set a new record, had it in 4 days! I live in a tiny town, but a brand new Walmart Express opened last month just a few blocks from where I live and I get most of my groceries there. If I win a Walmart card, I have a little extra to spend, if not, I really haven’t lost anything as it will just cost the 1.99 shipping fee.”-deenie61 

“One of the most recent site I have tried to bid on was Quibids. They give out free bids when you sign up and I have manage to win a board game with the free bids. The site have beginners bids so the beginners have a fair chance of winning something. The shipping time wasn’t that bad either. I got my board games in about a week.”-poopie326 

“Last night, I bid on, as I saw something that caught my eye. I have a lot of mature trees in my yard, and the fall is always fun with leaf piles for my children and I, then they become a lot of work to get cleaned up. So, last night, there was a leaf blower/vacuum up for grabs, and I won it for only 62 cents, and 23 bids placed altogether. Now, they also had a beta test not too long ago, and I participated in that as well. I won 3 items, and received them all in under a week, totally free!! Thank you for all of the positive experiences so far!!

I wanted to follow up on GoBidderGo, I paid for my auction on Sunday, got shipping notification today that it will be delivered tomorrow via UPS. Not bad for a leaf blower/vacuum to receive it in under a week!! Too many sites are super slow to ship or won’t at all, so this site is a breath of fresh air!! Thanks!!”- BigHumpDaddy 
Nailbidder Penny Auctions

“My most positive experience was with Nailbidder. I had won free bids from a Twitter contest, then used those bids to win a Keurig coffee maker and K-cups. I love it! That’s how I get a quick cup of coffee while I bid away! Oh, as a note to fellow bidders who like gift cards, you can get K-cups at Staples, Bed Bath & Beyond and J C Penny’s. I have used gift cards won to supply my K-cups stockpile!”-silence4me 

LabelDoll Penny auctions

“I have had some great experiences on labeldoll. They have super fast shipping, great packaging and nice, authentic auctions. After a recent win, they contacted me to see what would be my preference in shirt-either tank or tee? I was late responding, after a particularly bad day..When I told them the reason for the delay, they emailed me back and said they sent me both–with a note “hoping my day would get better.” That kind of customer service gets you loyal clientelle for life!”-824addiction

“I am going to second the reference to – spotted an issue yesterday on an auction I was not even bidding on and took immediate steps. Simply awesome.”-jetranger 

bid66-penny auctions

“I have to give kudos to when they reopened here about 2 weeks ago. I won an Apple ipod touch with free bids and had it about three days after I paid for it. I have been playing there ever since.”-bidclosing 

49bid penny auctions

“My absolute favorite is still… been with them from the beginning, its a fun and fair envirnment with many wonderful bidders… they have just had the payments woes recently and I am itching for them to be back… hopefully I can do 2 reviews>> lol I am also extremely please with the new site WICKED BIDDER transparency… and great service.. I have yet to bid other than the testing but am so surprised by the speed of emails, pleasantness and swiftness of shipping (even if it was an email card it took a total of 40 minutes!!)”-diamondlea 

 SharetheSpoils Penny Auction

“My favorite site would probably be ShareTheSpoils as it was a great site when I bid on it and even if you lost you could still win!”-startover4 

“My favorite site is all the sites that ship your wins: quibids,centibid,bidslasher and a few others.”-Mig Glasser


Ooglebids penny auction

“My favorite site is Ooglebids..Superfast shipping and outstanding customer service.”-goodluck2u 

Speedyfinger penny auctions

“I think that SpeedyFinger has the best auctions and the best customer service ever. They are so nice and honest.”rainbow56 
HappyBidday Penny Auctions
“I have only tried Quibids & Happy Bid Day. I won 2 auctions on Quibids and received both winnings ($10 Chilis Gift card & $15 Home Depot Gift Card) within 2 weeks. I won 1 auction on Happy Bid Day ($50 wal-mart e-card) I received it within 1 week. I like that Happy Bid Day gives away alot of free bid to use on their special “Free Bid” auctions better known as Happy Auctions. Gives you a chance to play without a real risk. I have not won anything since on either site but it was fun while it lasted. =)”-BidMama 
PennyGrab Penny Auctions
“Pennygrab is one of my new favs. Fast shipping, lots of free bids. “-citcelsyD
OrangeBidz penny auctions
“Orangezbids rocks. They don’t have a whole lot of auctions, but the shipping is so fast, immediate sometimes and communication can’t be beat. I hope they stay around and grow. “-wyldunknown 
Words of wisdom for penny auction site owners:
“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”  – Walt Disney

Do you have a positive penny auction experience? Join our forum & post all about it!

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  • ohdio October 8, 2011, 6:48 pm

    I’m a newbie when it comes to these auctions…but the people I’ve dealt with at Beezid have been very friendly and helpful. I’ve won some auctions and recieved all the items in a reasonable amount of time and I’m happy with all merchandise (actually I LOVE the spy pen.) I know there’s a ton more sites out there, but for now I’ll hang with Beezid 🙂

  • BOB October 19, 2011, 6:45 pm

    bid cactus is the best


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