New Penny Auction Just for Gift Cards: MadNoodle

MadNoodle Penny Auction for Gift CardsHave you bid for gift cards at MadNoodle?

MadNoodle is a new Colorado based penny auction for gift cards that just launched by MadWire Media, LLC on December 7th.

MadNoodle’s parent company, MadWire Media offers a number of other products and services from web design and marketing to coupons and group deals.

They definitely know web design, their penny auction is tastefully designed and has a unique look and feel:

madnoodle penny auctions

MadWire’s penny auction product can be found at

Bids on their penny auction are currently $0.59 each and their gift card offerings include cards to big box retailers such as Target, Best Buy, and WalMart, as well as, Shell Gas gift cards and American Express.

Since MadNoodle is so new many of their gift card auctions have ended for under $0.10:

MadNoodle Penny Auctions

Unique to MadNoodle:

Referrals: MadNoodle offers a referral program, bidders can refer friends and receive 10 free bids.

25 for 25 Rewards They also offer a partner program, where if you spend $25 on one of their partner’s websites, with products ranging from scrubs, socks for men, pet accessories to water purification, you can get 25 free bids to bid on MadNoodle.

Bonuses: The higher the auction end price gets the more bonuses bidders can get.  Electronic gift cards to their partner companies can be obtained once bidders have reached a specified threshold. In addition, the second most active bidder wins 100 free bids.


How It Works – When each auction price level is reached, you will receive the main auction, plus every bonus item from each of the bonus levels that have been reached.

MadNoodle Cares: They tell us that they donate 100% of the ended auction price to a charity. So far they’ve donated $1312 to Healing Wings, and $80 for children’s charities in Larimer County Colorado, $2000 to help the Keehn family adopt a child in Africa.

Have you bid on If so, tell us about your experiences in our free penny auction forum.

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  • laurah January 16, 2012, 12:43 pm

    I love the look of MadNoodle, but have found that there are a handfull of bidders who dominate every auction except for the beginner’s auctions. I’ve recommended to them that they put some win limits in place and/or add more auctions to spread the wealth a bit.

    Their customer service is great though, they respond and ship quickly. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this site in the future.

    • Amanda Lee January 16, 2012, 1:48 pm

      Me too, it does look great. It is true though and a very common penny auction pitfall for a few to dominate and scare others away. Beginner auctions are great. I hope they realize the importance of win limits too. Thanks for your feedback Laurah!

  • lightsout January 16, 2012, 3:47 pm

    Beginner auctions are easy to win. but after that pointless buy the smallest bid pack take down to $50 beginner auctions and wait. If they stay like this they will never make it since all the power bidders are friends anyway. Asked them in december about limits and they said they would but……. or at least intermediate auctions.

    • Amanda Lee January 16, 2012, 7:29 pm

      I understand your frustration lightsout. They emailed to tell me that they will implement them as soon as they can. Best of wishes and luck to you. Join our forum? 🙂

  • Chris February 1, 2012, 9:44 am

    The penny auction market today is a sensitive topic. There have been many fraudulent websites, some have since shut down, some are still operating today, and most use ready to use software that has a bot capability in the backend. A type of software which costs basically nothing, which means that anyone with a couple of thousand dollars at hand can launch their own penny auction website. Unfortunately, this flooding of dishonest, cheap websites, that look alike, took a toll to the Penny Auction industry.

    Creating a penny auction website demands time, talent, effort, study, logistics and most of all money. People underestimate the real requirements needed to invest in the penny auction industry. It should be done wisely and not in a hasty manner. might have a nice creative looking layout, which grants them positive brand recognition and as a result makes them look like a professional sound company, but this is not the only factor for success. It requires an accumulation of elements to ensure success: Business 101: comfort your customer.

    This is why; if one digs further and takes a glimpse behind the curtain there can be quite a few surprises. One can only agree that is a nicely designed website, but what about the software running in the background?

    Unfortunately, and I have to insist on the wording ‘unfortunately’, what is running in the background of is the same old PhpPennyAuction software that many websites have used in the past and some are still using today. We already know that this PhpPennyAuction software has the bot capability in the backend; there is more than enough documented fact of this around the web, even on PAW.

    So what prevents the admin of MadNoodle to activate and/or deactivate this shill bidding bot feature that comes implemented within the script? Nothing really.
    They can do this at will, and their user base will never really know who or what they are bidding against, is it a machine or a human? This is why I cannot recommend, unless an independent audit is done for verification purposes of their functionality and lack of usage of bot capability within their auctions. Such a service is costly, and I doubt this will be happening soon. Which takes me to my next topic: Will MadNoodle last?

    Let me explain:

    As I wrote above, it takes a hefty investment, a lot of time, and logistics to launch, run and maintain afloat a penny auction business. This also applies to MadNoodle’s business model, and if done properly, their business model can thrive and be lucrative.

    MadNoodle uses a talented web design firm (which does not come cheap) to handle their layout aspect of their site. Nice move. Though, I would have expected them to do the same with the software running the MadNoodle website, which they did not. This is where the confusion arises. Why would a company take the time and effort to invest in the sole area of the design and neglect a key factor: the software? This is not logical.
    Instead, MadNoodle opted for the easy and swift route, which is the usage of a more personalized version of an extremely cheap, not really effective, badly reviewed and regularly criticized software:

    Was this done to gain time, we will never know? Do they have a lack of finances, again, we will never know? One fact is that it takes money, a lot of money and months, if not years of development and strategy to build one’s own in-house software, and in doing so, the benefits of developing in-house are many.

    This only stands to reason that they lack the finances, otherwise, they would have put the same effort and resources to create, test, and de-bug their own in-house software. Not only would this have been a logical and sound move, but also a strategic and practical move, as it avoids being tied to a third party company for updates, etc. and most importantly separates you from the rest of the field.

    Again, business 101: comfort your customer. So, unless MadNoodle consider implementing software made ‘in-house’, I ask: will MadNoodle last?

    Once the damage is done, it is done, and with the software it is done and redone. I cannot recommend this software to anyone.

    I sincerely do wish all the success they deserve, but not in this manner, using fraudulent software disguised by a great design. If I could notice this, it is only a matter of time for others to do also.



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