Beezid to Run Free Bidding Event with Earth Day Green Savings Event + Promo Codes! Do you like bidding on Beezid‘s penny auctions? Come on over and discuss in the Penny Auction Watch penny auction forum Beezid Discussion.

How would you like to bid and then get all of your bids returned to you regardless of whether or not you win an item? You can at Beezid this Earth Day, April 22nd from 12 AM to 11:59 PM EDT, when Beezid is hosting their Green Savings Event.

Here’s what is in store for Beezid bidders during their Green Savings Event:

  • A 25% Price Freeze which means Beezid will freeze the final end price of an item at 25% of MSRP
  • Special Lock levels allowing bidders who have met their locked win limit to bid on more items. Beezid’s win limit is limited to a maximum of 13 item wins within a 28-day period
  • Earth-Friendly Items
  • 100% Free – Risk-free Bidding where all bids placed on the 22nd will be “recycled,” returned back into your bidding account/Bids get recycled.
  • Daily Promo Codes to be announced on the top carousel of for the next 5 days leading up to the event. Today’s promo code is EARTH a buy one get one free bid pack coupon.

Bid 4 Freenzies

On April 21st, 24 hours leading up to the promo Beezid is offering Bid 4 Free bid pack auctions from:

  •  11 AM to 12PM EDT
  • 5PM to 6PM EDT
  • 11PM to 12AM EDT

More promo codes will be posted by Beezid over the next few days, we will help find them for you and post them in the Penny Auction Promo Codes section of our forum. Check it out!


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