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While is based in Australia they ship to the United States, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. This new penny auction site’s auctions have been running since they launched on August 23rd, items include gift cards, MicroSD, video games, an iPad, Xbox gaming console and bid pack voucher auctions.

To learn more about we recently interviewed its Sydney based owner, Christopher Mak.

Penny Auction WatchWhat got you interested in the entertainment shopping industry?

EasyBidBargainsEasyBidBargains was incorporated in Oct 2011 with an aim of making online shopping fun an exciting. We really liked the entertainment shopping concept and while looking at the current sites on the market, we believe that there is a lot which can be improved, so we set out to provide a superior experience for our customers with better deals and support.

Penny Auction WatchHow long has your site been open?

EasyBidBargainsAlthough we were incorporated in Oct 2011, our auctions didn’t go live until the 23rd August 2012. We wanted to create a unique experience for our customers.

Penny Auction Watch: Can you tell us about some of the items that you offer/have lined up? Do your auctions run on a schedule?

EasyBidBargainsOur range of products will include gift cards as well as consumer electronics like Smartphones, tablets, computer accessories, computer and console games etc. We have an iPad 64GB Cellular auction live at the time of writing.

We try to space out our auctions, so that it runs 24/7 to give everyone a chance of scoring a terrific deal.

What are the timer increments between bids and does this vary by auction?

EasyBidBargainsStandard auction timers are at 15 seconds. However we do have lightning auctions where the timer reset at 10 seconds.

How much are your bids?

EasyBidBargainsOur paid bids are $US0.30 each. These bids will discount the Buy Now price of an item by 100% of their value. We also have voucher bid packs available as well at $US0.09 per bid. These bids do not affect the Buy Now price of items.

Penny Auction Watch: What are your shipping costs? How long does it usually take for users to receive their items?

EasyBidBargainsOur shipping cost varies according to the item’s size and weight. We try to minimise the cost as much as possible to give our customers maximum value. For auction winners, since we don’t list auctions until we have the item in our inventory, their items get sent out to them usually within 24 hours provided that they have completed any verification checks if required. Electronic items like gift cards are usually sent out within a few hours again provided the customer completed any required verification checks.

Penny Auction Watch: What states/countries are you open to?

EasyBidBargainsWe are based in Sydney, Australia and we ship items to Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We do not ship to any other country, even electronic items.

Penny Auction Watch: Are there any win limits, limits/household on your penny auction site?

EasyBidBargainsIn order to maintain a fair and level playing field, we limit accounts to one per household. We also have win limits to give all of our customers a chance at scoring an amazing deal and to ensure that every one of our customers gets to enjoy the thrill of scoring a great bargain and saving big.

Our current limits are 15 items valued between $50 and $800 and 2 items over $800 per calendar month. For the two items over $800, customers cannot win an identical item. So for example, if one customer won an iPad 64GB Cellular, that customer cannot win another iPad (including other versions of iPads) for the rest of the calendar month.

Penny Auction Watch: Is there a story behind the EasyBidBargains name/theme?

EasyBidBargainsOur name encapsulates what we want our customer to experience. We want them to enjoy the bargains and we want to make the bidding process as easy and user-friendly as possible. This is why our site is very user-friendly to enhance customer experience on our site. We have invested in the infrastructure to ensure that the site is still responsive even under heavy load.

Penny Auction Watch: Is there anything else that you would like to share with Penny Auction Watch readers?

EasyBidBargainsEasyBidBargains strives to provide the best deals to our customers as well as enhancing their experience with exclusive features. Such as the Free-to-Bid auctions where customers can bid without buying any bids and there are no strings attached. Just register and start bidding on those auctions.

We are committed to our customers which is why we aim to provide the best support in the industry. We have a blog and forum with which we can interact with our customers as well as encouraging them to interact with each other. We have a no questions asked policy of refunding un-used bids which our customers paid for and we are always Honest, Open and Transparent, which we believe makes us the HOTTEST site. We do not and never will have membership fees and hidden charges and fees, we are always up front about our charges and we do not automatically debit our customer’s debit/credit cards. None of their details are stored on our site and they must re-enter their details for every purchase they make. This ensures that our customers know when they are getting charged and eliminates unexpected charges.

We believe we have created a unique, fast paced and exciting environment in which our customers can enjoy the thrill of saving big on the latest and hottest gadgets. Head over to our site, and discover a whole new exciting and fun experience, Today!

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