Have You Bid On New Penny Auction Site BidOink.com?

BidOink.com Penny AuctionsBidOink.com is a brand new penny auction site serving the United States with a pink-pig inspired theme. Not only are bids on BidOink cheap, $0.50 a piece, they also offer a buy it now option on the majority of their penny auctions. We’ve verified that BidOink.com is operated by BidOink, LLC a registered business in the state of New Jersey.

How BidOink’s penny auctions work:

Bids are $0.50 and are available
in packs of 40, 80, 160, 200, 500 and 1,000 bids.  Each bid place increases the timer by 20 seconds.

BidOink has a bid win limit of 3 wins per person per day and a maximum of 8 wins over a 28 day period.

How BidOink’s buy it now works:

In case you’re unfamiliar with buy-it now, the buy now feature on BidOink allows bidders to subtract money spent in bids from the retail item price of the item. For example, if you place 25 bids trying to win an item worth $25, the 25 bids have a value of $12.50, if you choose Buy Now they would deduct the $12.50 placed in bids and you could pay $12.50 to get the item instead as opposed to losing your money invested on the auction. Items won using Buy Now will not count towards their bid win limits.

bidoink-buy-it-now-penny auctions

What’s up for bid on this penny auction site?

BidOink is currently featuring a number of auctions ranging from $10-50 gift cards to computer accessories such as Sony headphones, PC keyboards, a George Foreman Grill, Roku streaming TV box, and a Kindle.

BidOink rewards bidders for referring friends

If a friend that you refer to BidOink, using your unique URL purchases bids, you can get 25 free bids after you make your first bid package purchase.

Discuss BidOink.com and post your reviews and experience in our penny auction forum. Registration is free and easy. Click here now to join us in discussing penny auctions.

To join BidOink click here. 

Disclosure: Links to BidOink are our referral link and we may generate referral bids to try this site out if you make a purchase under our link. Thanks

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  • Rob Tweeddale September 10, 2012, 2:05 pm

    I’ve been on Bidoink since the site came about. It’s definitely one of the better ones out there. Who ever developed this website did it right! It allows people to easily join, bid and win without complicating the bidding experience. As long as this site is up…. I’m bidding!!


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