SkoreIt Shuts Down and Merges with Popular Penny Auction Site

skoreit-beezidPenny auction site SkoreIt has officially shut down.

 Today Beezid informed us that they have worked out an acquisition deal with the once-popular with ESPN radio and penny auction fans, This means Beezid will be honoring all outstanding SkoreIt member wins, and users have the choice of moving over to Beezid and carrying over 100% of bids that were remaining in their SkoreIt accounts.

Beezid tells us that they’re offering a bonus and transferring members will be entered in a drawing to win a brand new LG 50″ plasma TV with 2 pairs of 3D glasses.

SkoreIt launched in February of 2010 by Joe Crivello and gained a lot of traction and introduced many consumers to the world of penny auctions. The penny auction ran a lot of advertising campaigns on shows such as Howard Stern and ESPN’s Mike & Mike  in the Morning. Over the past few months multiple changes were made at SkoreIt, bidders faced temporary bans, buy-it now items were minimized, and big ticket offerings such as laptops and other desirable items were greatly reduced.

“All of us at SkoreIt! are very excited to join the Beezid team. I have complete faith in Beezid’s ability to provide customer service that exceeds the expectations of SkoreIt! customers in every way. Together, the SkoreIt! and Beezid communities will create a truly dynamic and unparalleled bidding experience.”


Joe Crivello – COO,

“We’re very excited to welcome all SkoreIt! members to the Beezid family. There’s a lot for you to look forward to, including an increased number of auctions, Beezid’s special promotions and events, plus the security of our ‘No-Sting Guarantee’. On behalf of the Beezid Team, welcome, and we look forward to seeing you in our Winners’ Circle!”

-Welcome to the team!

Max Bohbot – CEO,

Beezid has a high volume of bidders and offers many promotions and a variety of high ticket items.

What’s your opinion on this shutdown/acquisition? Did you bid on SkoreIt? Do you bid on Beezid? Are you a member of Beezid yet, and if you were a SkoreIt member will you move over? 

Join us in our forum and discuss penny auctions!

Click here to join Beezid.


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