Interview with Owner of Penny Auction Site for Dream Dates penny auction logoSeeing as is the first ever penny auction site for “dream dates,” we thought it’d be a good idea to interview Anari Sengbe, owner and see just what made him think of offering dates

Penny Auction Watch: What got you interested in the penny auction space?

DreamyBids: I was watching a news program and saw something about quibids, I was already in gaming with my service and thought it was a great gamification mechanic to expand the gamerholic service past the 18-24 year old demographic.

dreamybids penny auction

Penny Auction Watch: Why did you decide to offer date auctions?

DreamyBids: I had no intention of going the dream date direction, we tried gift cards and prizes but traction was tough due to our seated auction format.

I’ve had VC after VC saying go the dream dates route since I already have a commercial advertising dream dates. Finally after 9 months I took their advice.

Penny Auction Watch: How can we be sure the dates are real?

DreamyBids: We’ll ask ladies and gents or are offering the dream dates for auction add a video. Some have been reluctant so far, but as more users come on board it will catch on.

Penny Auction Watch: How do you screen bidders since it said that a date offerer could choose who gets to be seated? 

DreamyBids: All dream date auctions are private auctions. The auction host has to approve the auction participant. He/she can give those interested in joining his/her auction a call, view their social network profiles then accept the auction invite of those he/she feels comfortable with.

Penny Auction Watch: Seeing as one of your date offerers appears to be a professional escort, what’s the idea behind auctioning dates?

DreamyBids: It’s not going to look like it (regardless how clean the pictures on the site are) but Dreamybids is not a sex auction service. I’d like for it to be a legitimate dream dates service.

There are auctions for couples, there will be auctions for getaways and there will still be auctions for high end items.

Penny Auction Watch: Is there a way to ensure the safety of the date offerer?

DreamyBids: Safety is the responsibility of the auction host. It’s really no different than okaycupid or any other dating service. Except you can come out and say, I want you to take me to Paris for my dream date and it could actually happen.

Only folks you let join your auction will participate in the auction, so you can look over their facebook, linkedin, okaycupid profiles, talk to them on the phone and go from there.

Penny Auction Watch: What do bids cost?

DreamyBids: Bids are $0.45 each. You can buy as many bids as you want, however once the auction starts new auction participants won’t be able to join in.

Would you bid on a date with a stranger? What do you think about this penny auction site? Read more about DreamyBids in our article: Bidding on Dates and discuss this site with us in our forum. 

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