is Penny Auction for Sneakerheads

onecentkicks-homepageDo you like sneakers so much that you camp out outside a shoe store for hours – days even?

Ok, maybe you’re not obsessed with the latest and greatest sneaker styles, but the guys behind the penny auction site are. is a penny auction site just for brand new, limited edition sneakers, think Jordans, SB’s, Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Reebok. So far it’s the only site where you can bid for shoes.

“We created this website to give sneakerheads all over the world a chance to get their favorite shoes for the lowest price possible! This idea came to us one night while we were camping out for a pair of Jordan’s. We thought to ourselves “there has to be an easier way!” and there was. Unfortunately in order to acquire our favorite shoes without camping out or hoping that we won a Twitter RSVP was to pay reseller prices, and we don’t like resellers! We have gone to great effort to get you the best sneakers on the market so that we can give every sneaker enthusiast a chance to get their favorite pair of sneakers at the best possible price. We’re sneakerheads just like you.”

Sold items include the Nike Air Max Hyperposite in ‘Fireberry’ which sold with a total of 11 bids at $0.11, the KD IV ‘Scoring Title’ on the other hand, took in 240 bids with an end price of $2.40. The Lebron 9 South Beach, which we found taking in over $400 on eBay sold with a total of 1,619 bids.

 OneCentKicks is active in discussion with their customers on Twitter @OneCentKicks & Facebook where we’ve found bidder testimonial images of items received:

facebook image item received sneaker penny auction

Bids on OneCentKicks cost $0.60 each and are sold in bid packs ranging in value from 25 bids for $15 to 200 bids for $120.

Have you bid on Would you? Discuss this penny auction with us! was another penny auction that launched offering sneakers, unfortunately the site wasn’t long lived and was gone shortly after we blogged about them.

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