New Penny Auction Site Gets Good Review

bidpunk penny auctionNew penny auction site has, so far, been getting good reviews from Penny Auction Watch members. BidPunk currently offers penny auctions for bid packs, gift cards and electronic items. The majority of their ended items took in only a few bids.


A Sneak Peek into BidPunk 2.0:

They will soon be rolling out BidPunk 2.0, a more gamnified version of the penny auction site, which that will offer a few unique features including a spin to win game to win free bids, badges to highlight bidding achievements, a new theme, a “pro shop” where users can collect points from participating in BidPunk’s penny auctions and purchasing bids and pick awards such as iPods, gift cards, bid packs, a TORC helmet and more.

Penny Auction Watch forum member Rexter65 says,

“here is a new site i have tried good service fast shipping good bid prices if your looking for a new honest site give these guys a try”
Also, our member Ford351 posted,
“I will say this is by far one of my most favorite sites. They are FANTASTIC! I’ve won numerous auctions, I’ve received them very very fast. They are tons of fun on Facebook. I won their very first Fan of Day contest and won the xbox Halo 4 game and received it also very fast. I won a Yamaha Guitar on the auction site with just 50 bids, its beautiful. Please check this site out and support them. There is a coupon code that is good thru 1/31 for bid discount BIDPUNK30.

Help us support this great site!! Soon they will also have games and rankings, sell back your item, and all kinds of stuff when they finish bidpunk 2.0!!”

Bids on BidPunk currently cost $0.60 a piece and are sold in bid packs of 50 bids for $30 all the way up to a discounted 800 bids for $375.

Have you bid on and had a good or bad experience? We want to hear about it! Join the Penny Auction Watch Forum and post your reviews, discuss BidPunk and all other penny auction sites with us.

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  • Sharon Ditsworth August 6, 2013, 3:41 am

    U know I am so dense I did not realized they closed. I never won but the first bid which they give to you for nothing or even if I received it. They never liked my password. The only penny auction that ever ripped me off and not for a lot of money. I like the smaller penny auctions like BidOink and bidrail, which I win and don’t win but they are honest. Then when I read about thousands who lost money investing I realized I got punked by California Co. Something to tell the grand kids.


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