New Penny Auction DoughChest Has Disclosed Reserves, Free Bidding

penny auction site dough chestYou know how annoying it is to bid on a penny auction site with reserves, yet have no idea when the reserve will have been met so you can continue bidding with DoughChest is a reserve penny auction website with a twist. Here are DoughChest’s features:

• All bidding in auctions is free—after the pre-auction is over.
• To bid in an auction you must bid in the pre-auction.
• The person who bids the most in the pre-auction wins his or her bids back, doubled.
• There is no timer on the pre-auction.
• Similar to most penny auction websites, once the auction has started, if the timer reaches zero, the auction is over, however if there is a counter-bid, the timer resets.
• In an auction, the timer reset amount starts at 20 seconds and goes down from there until it reaches 2 seconds.

“I am happy to say that DoughChest is bot-free, firstly because I don’t believe in ripping-off bidders, and secondly because due to the nature of DoughChest, I would have nearly no incentive to use bots.

If you join DoughChest in the next day you will receive 5 free bids. DoughChest is one of the only penny auction website in the world where you can win a auction for the cost of one bid.

I really hope you check out my site, join, and bid. I would be glad to hear any comments, questions or reviews.”

Check out DoughChest and let us know what you think! Join our penny auction forum and help us discuss penny auctions, expose scams and find legit bidding sites. 

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