Interview with New Penny Auction Site

bidtrio penny auction siteHave you bid on yet?

BidTrio just recently launched, they currently offer penny auctions for gift cards and Blu-Rays.

Read why Jennifer, the founder of BidTrio, decided to launch this new penny auction site and about her experience bidding on penny auctions. 

Penny Auction Watch: What got you interested in penny auctions? 

BidTrio: “I became interested in penny auctions when my brother introduced me to it a few years ago. He started winning gift cards on a site and I thought it was a scam! But when he started actually showing me the pile of gift cards I started playing as well. I do feel like we used several respected and honest sites – however ArrowOutlet was not one of them.

Arrow was always the site I used when I was limited locked out of others- but I did notice the odd behaviors of the site. I even saw an article about how certain sign on names had a different bidding pattern than others, and when I saw the list of names I realized I had been up against some of them. I never had faith in that site, I received the wrong items, they didn’t respond to my emails, didn’t have a phone number to call etc…I rarely got a good deal and I didn’t stay long. What I did like about ArrowOutlet was the option to exchange the auction prize into bids- which we have added as an option on some of our auctions.  

Anyway, long story short. I did great as a player, and for years had piles of toys,ipads, tv’s, gift cards, everything I could ever want to win! I decided to try to share the excitement I had with others – I joined forces with two family members to come up with what we feel is a great penny auction site. We really wanted something that would have the latest products, something for everyone, and just be a fair and honest company that people wanted to deal with. It has been a fun year creating bidtrio and putting the things into the auction site that we loved or felt were missing from other sites.

We have Blackjack- that you can play for bids, we offer several different types of auctions- including ones that have a “trio” of prizes= like two 25 gift cards and 25 bids- We will also have auctions that let you choose from one of 3 prizes of equal value. Our site offers tips to players, a section for them to email us with idea of products they would want to see on the site (no weapons). We really just tried to build the site from the view of a player and what we thought would be fun and keep it exciting. This is something that started as a hobby for us, turned into an obsession, and now is a really fun job!

August 1st was our soft launch,  – we  run auctions daily at a limited pace (3-15 a day) until we feel we have discovered any kinks we may have- and we will start adding auctions as soon as we feel like we have a good system going, or as demand requires. “

If you decide to bid on BidTrio be sure to come back here and share your review with us!

BidTrio offers Buy-it-now on some of their items (and this is indicated by the gift box).

Their bids start at $0.72 a piece and go down in price as you purchase larger bid packs.

Join our penny auction forum – it’s free!

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